Corpsmen of two generations had the opportunity to get together and compare notes during the 3rd Recon Battalion's 1998 reunion in Las Vegas. One of the 1998 Reunion coordinators and gofer in chief, Steve Lowery, shown below forever on the phone straightening things out, arranged with the 1st Marine Division to send a recon team from the 1st Reconnaissance Company from Camp Pendleton to clue the Association members in on the "new" recon.

Shown in the picture to the right here, the two Navy corpsmen, Stan Sellers, right, and Hm3 Matthew Murphy, left, found a lot of common ground to discuss. In addition to his normal Vietnam service medals, Sellers also has the Purple Heart, not uncommon amongst 3rd Reconners. Doc Sellers caught an AK round through his upper legs and medevaced to Guam after Team Dallas Girl (Lt Matocha) was hit on Dong Ma near Camp Carrol in 1968.

Navy recon corpsmen now have their own MOS as "Recon Corpsmen," which requires all volunteers and aspirants must pass successfully through rigorous physical and psychological training and tests to qualify and graduate. Doc said that back in 1967, no one asked him to be a recon corpsman. Stan said he was told to report to the 3rd Recon Battalion and that's how he qualified.

Below, Sgt. Lowery (in Vietnam) (aka Maj. Lowery) works the comms on what might have seemed an endless stream of  "holes in the line" and things to fix. Lowery worked tirelessly to make the reunion an outstanding success.