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The Archive of the Vietnam Conflict

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In an effort to preserve the record for future generations, The Vietnam Archives has actively engaged in the collection of materials relating to the Vietnam experience. In addition to material relating to the United States experience in Vietnam, an effort has been made to secure archival material relating to the North and South Vietnamese as well as Allies who fought along side each nation. While much attention is given to the military and diplomatic aspects of the war, The Vietnam Archives also strives to preserve the record of those indirectly involved in the conflict. Currently, The Vietnam Archives has over 4 million pages of hard copy (approximately 250,000 documents) in its manuscript and personal papers collection, approximately 1.5 million pages in its microform collection and over 1500 maps and 16000 images relating to the Vietnam experience.

Partial Listing of Archive Holdings

Extended descriptions are available for highlighted items.

1. Douglas Pike Collection. Over 800 linear feet of material documenting all aspects of the Vietnam Conflict.

The contents of individual series vary greatly. In general they contain: unclassified and declassified U.S. government documents and reports; captured documents; transcripts of interviews with defectors; prisoner of war interrogation reports; newspaper and periodical clippings from American, Vietnamese, Asian and European English language media; media monitoring by the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) and the Department of Commerce Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS); scholarly monographs and studies; transcripts of speeches and press conferences by leaders of both sides; uncopyrighted books; monographs and similar published communist source materials; propaganda leaflets; and a number of unpublished book length manuscripts chiefly by Vietnamese.

2. J. Thomas Burch/National Vietnam Veterans Coalition Collection.

The National Vietnam Veterans Coalition serves as an umbrella organization coordinating the activities of some 80 veterans organizations around the country. The documentation in this collection is comprised of 40 linear feet of material concerning items of interest and activity among Vietnam veterans. Major subject areas include: Agent Orange; POW's/MIA's; support of political candidates, the activities of local veterans organizations; normalization of relations with Vietnam, disarmament, Amer-asian children, South Vietnamese immigrants, etc.

3. Manuscript Collections.

The Archive of the Vietnam Conflict is interested in documenting the nation's Vietnam experience through the collection of personal papers of individual involved whatever their rank, service, or political view. Of special interest are the papers of individuals whose involvement originated in Texas or the Southwest though all papers will be considered by the archive's staff for inclusion in our holdings. Currently the archive accepts donations or on a case by case basis will consider acquiring papers though photocopying and return of materials but accepts no material on loan at this time.

4. Oral Histories Collection.

Where personal papers are not available, the Archive of the Vietnam Conflict is also interested in documenting the nation's Vietnam experience via the medium of oral history. As with manuscript collections the Archive is particularly interested in the experiences of people from Texas and the Southwest but the project is not limited to this criteria.

5. Microfilm and Microfiche Collections.

Located in the basement of the Texas Tech Library. These microform collections are available via interlibrary loan to researchers unable to make a trip to the Archive. Holdings include Kennedy and Johnson National Security Files, the John M. Echols Collection, and assorted military record groups.

6. Published Material

Books. The Archive contains a sizable and growing collection of books about the Vietnam War in all its dimensions. Important areas of emphasis include: personal narratives, single and collective; studies of the country itself and the Indochina region; veterans groups and their activities; and pamphlets and published documents of various persons, governments and activist groups from the 1950's and 1960's.

Congressional Records. 96 volumes documenting the proceedings of the House and Senate Foreign Affairs Committees regarding American Cold War and Vietnam policy.

Michigan State University Advisory Group Studies. 53 volumes generated between 1955 and 1962 dealing primarily with local economic and political affairs in South Vietnam.

Service Manuals Collection. 47 military training volumes primarily consisting of field manuals and civil affairs manuals dating from the early American advisory period 1955-1965.

Government Publications Collection. Assorted publications generated by government agencies including the U.S. Department of State, the RAND Corporation, the National Strategy Information Center, the U.S. Marine Corps, etc.

7. U.S. Air Force POW Oral Histories Collection.

38 transcripts of interviews with Air Force pilots and air crew shot down and imprisoned in North Vietnam.

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