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The following Veterans and Friends of Veterans have been instrumental in developing, testing, feeding, and maintaining this Home Page.

The VVHP Platoon

1st Squad Leader:

2nd Squad Leader:

3rd Squad Leader and VVHP Editor:

Assistant 3rd Squad Leader:

4th Squad Leader:

5th Squad Leader:

The Map Fire Team:

Platoon Research and Resource Experts:

Audio and Midi Support ("Goood Morning, Vietnam!!!"):

Platoon Historian and leader of "History of the Vietnam War 101:"

Professors of Vietnam History

Platoon Guidance Counselor and leader of the "PTSD 101" forum:

Vietnam-related Art Project "The Art of War":

Platoon Scribes:

Special Operations Element:

Platoon Chaplain:

Some Gave All Project:

Taps Gallery

Graphics and WWW Support guru:

Quality Control:

Special Programming and Ceilidh Group Discussion software:

Platoon Members Emeritus:

In Remembrance:

Home Page Support Team: The "Above and Beyond" Crew

Karon Campbell

Joe Conte

Valerie Schumacher

Mary Garvey

Keith Johnson at FedEx (and his boss, Viet Vet Fred Smith)

George "Sonny" Hoffman


V-man and Michele

Suzanne Braun

Jim "Polecat" Schueckler

Peter Brush


Steve Nirk

Doug Maston

Dave Regenthall

Con Pedersen

Ann Kelsey

Bob and Buddy

Mike Rodriguez

Mike "BlueGhost23" Austin

Bob "JungleVet" Baird

Dave Demsey

Bub Parrish

Joe Vasile at Quantum Media, Inc for his help and support in CD-ROM development andmultimedia.

Lydia Fish (for getting the whole VWAR-L thing started and running).

And all the contributors and supporters along the way who I have not mentioned by name.

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