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Author's NOTE: These pages are definitely not ready for prime time. This is ONLY a test area and it is STILL under construction. Please don't point any hotlinks here as this will definitely NOT be the final home of the "Wall on the Web". Just doing basic mechanics now...it'll all get prettier as time goes on, with smart CGI searches and additional data, but right now it is a LONG WAY from completion.

If anyone knows of a site that would make a good, permanent (free) home for "the Wall", please get in touch with me at (maverick@netcom.com). Site will need 20 to 25MB disk space and full user CGI capabilities (no server side includes or exec()'s), plus telnet and ftp access for the developer (me), who, naturally, would prefer that the site be running the NCSA httpd web server on a fairly speedy Unix box.

Data taken from files so thoughtfully prepared by Tom Holloway (lhollow@emory.edu), without whose efforts this page would not be possible.

For an in depth view of what (and where) the VietNam years have left us, please go visit the VietNam Veteran's Home pages.

Names of persons on "the Wall" are broken down into 26 files, based on last initial. Click on the initial you'd like to view. (There are 58,166 names in these lists. Updates occur as time permits the many people involved.)

Btw, if you're not actually looking for someone's name, but are merely interested in what the lists look like, please select one of the smaller files, such as "Q" or "U". Not only will you save yourself some time, you'll save me some pocket change and the Internet some bandwidth resources. :-)

Also, please notify me if you find any technical problems with the pages themselves (not the data therein). The pages were programatically generated from Tom's files by some Q&D code thrown together as a test. Caveat lector. (Caveat browsor?)

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W (3750 names - 199493 bytes)
X (1 name - 149 bytes)
Y (308 names - 16380 bytes)
Z (217 names - 11562 bytes)

A big "Welcome Home!" from yours truly to all my fellow Nammies.