By "Top" Shultz

Yep, this here be the "top's" Tent,
Nothin' special in all that.
It just be a place to sit and chat,
Tellin' lies is where it's at.

Yep, this here be the "top's" Tent,
"It don't mean Nothin'," they say.
So set a spell and have a brew,
You're welcome to sit and stay.

We'll run an Op, a trick or two,
And then we'll just "debrief."
No casualties will we have here,
Now that's a real relief.

The flap is always open,
So sit yourself right down.
And smile with me for a bit,
No need in here to frown.

The coffee's always black as mud,
Just chew well "'fur ye swaller."
Drink until you fill that leg,
You know, the one that's holler?

We can reminisce of things gone by
Or think of things to come.
Sit here till we're ga ga drunk,
Just stay here till we're done.

Ain't no special service here,
No clan, no clique, no club.
Just a bunch of old Nam vets,
That want to have some fun.

Copyright © 1995 "Top" Shultz, all rights reserved