By "Top" Shultz

To those of you that never went,
Into a hostile land.
To those of you who never had
To make a bloody stand.

To those that sat just waiting,
To hear a word or two.
From the one that went away
To do what he must do.

You never faltered with your love,
Not even for a day.
You kept faith with those of us,
Who had to go away.

You are the unsung heros,
You sat home oft alone.
Dreading every time you heard
The ringing of the phone.

Waiting, always waiting,
Not knowing what would come.
Praying, always praying,
That our battle, safely won.

Yes, the sadness when it came,
Often knocking on your door.
Filled you with a sense of grief so deep,
You felt you couldn't take much more.

But, we really did all come home,
We're here now, don't you see?
We're living now within your heart,
A life so good and free.

We feel your love, your tender care,
We see your smiling face.
We feel your sense of duty too,
It fills our memories with grace.

So morn us not with a sense of loss,
But remember us with love.
We've just gone on, a little ahead,
To prepare a place above.

We'll be here just waiting till
Again you hold our hand;
And together in our new found life,
Forever we will stand.

Copyright © 1993 W. E. "Top" Shultz, all rights reserved