Remember the jungle, the dripping green? Remember the lizards, the way they'd scream? Remember the feeling you had in your gut? What ya doin' now, are ya stuck in a rut? Do you still feel the stirring deep down inside? Still regret the day we had to run and hide? Would you like to go back and make old things right? And again get Victor Charlie back in your sight? I've tried to control the feelings I've had, The way we left Nam makes me oft' real sad. No matter how much I ignore the desire, Help right what went wrong, that feeling won't tire. I love you America, down deep in my chest, And to know we did wrong, won't leave me rest. War's what we had and I want to exclaim, The way that we left often fills me with shame. Remember the kids with their dirty OLD faces? "Hey Joe, come with me and I'll show you new places. They were good kids you know in a land torn by war, And we went there to help them, to that far away shore. Help them we did, in our own kind of way but, We left it unfinished and all ran away. I wonder what's new in the land of green valleys, I wonder who's running those same old dark alleys. How many of the people that I met in that place, Are still living life in the old human race. How many were subject to Charles great thunder? When we all ran away, did he blast them asunder? Yes, I want to go back, make right what went wrong, No, I'm not a killer, they deserve freedoms song. Can you imagine the lives, that conflict did cost, Not while we were there but, after we'd lost? The people all knew that we'd make it all right, The people who trusted us to help end their fight. They didn't want much out of life that was bold, Just a place to eat rice, in peace I am told. But we wouldn't let them have peace in their land, Turned them over to the killers and away we did stand Saying, Oh those poor people, trying to flee, If we'd have been allowed to fight harder... Today they'd all be FREE.

Copyright © 1984 by W. E. "Top" Shultz, all rights reserved