United War Veterans Colony

Wilburton, Oklahoma

For requirements of membership in and obtaining lots at the Veterans Colony, write to:

Colonization Project
200 Circle Dr. E
Wilburton, OK 74578

My Vietnam Veteran husband and I own a cabin in The Veterans Colony, as it is popularly called, nine miles south of Wilburton, Oklahoma. The Colony is on 800 acres of pine and oak forest. It does not fit for everyone but made for any Veteran who just needs a quiet lot to put a mobile home or cabin on and put in the improvements which consist of water and electric hookups and some sort of septic/waste water system. Improvements on some lots are already in and for sale that include all the hookups and a home in place.

The Colony has a meeting hall with a stage and kitchen for all sorts of gatherings, a museum, and a volunteer fire department. There is a huge picnic ground and covered patio with large tables and benches inside down by the entrance to The Colony. Some of the buildings were built by WPA and CCC years ago and are like new since they were built from native stone. A creek runs through The Colony, and it is next to a WMA (Wildflife Management Area).

It only costs $200.00 to join for life, with no dues or assessments after. You can build your own cabin or buy one for sale by another Veteran or his estate. It is also Tax Free, and the Board protects the tax-exempt status.

There is a Board of Governors (BOG) that is elected annually who oversees paying the expenses of The Colony and sees that the policies and By-Laws of The Colony are carried out.

A State College is in Wilburton; and people who qualify to work at the prison at McAlester, OK, have only about a 30-minute drive to that location.

Some resources are required to make it there. The lot and land are free, but you have to pay to put in your own improvements on your lot - water and electric hookups, septic system, and house, unless you buy a lot with all this already. After that, it's paying the electric and water bills and your groceries, etc.

It's best to take a tour of The Colony to see if it's for you and see what improvements and houses/cabins are going for.

E-mail: Deanna Hopkins

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