I thought you might be able to use the following glossary. I've been packing it around in one form or another since 1967. I was a machinegunner (infantry, MOS 0311) in Viet Nam with the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, 3d Marine Division from June of 1965 until the end of 1966.

Semper Fi,
Nicholas Del Cioppo

Dictionary of Marine Corps Terms and Words
Used in Vietnam

ABOARD: on base; with us. ACTUAL: radio talk for unit commander. ALL HANDS: everyone. AMTRACK: amphibious tractor; landing craft. AO DAI (Viet.): formal attire worn by Vietnamese women. AS YOU WERE!: resume what you were doing; correction. ASSHOLES AND ELBOWS: in a hurry; quickly. BA MUI BA ("33"): Vietnamese beer. BAC SI (Viet.): Doctor, used for Corpsman. BAM: Broad Ass Marine; derogatory name for Woman Marine. BARRACKS COVER: garrison (frame) cap. BATTLE PIN: necktie clip. BCD: Bad Conduct Discharge. BELAY: stop; quit. BILLET: assignment or job; place of residence. BIRD: aircraft. BLOUSE: n. jacket; v. tuck in, secure. BLOUSING BANDS: elastic bands used to secure utility trouser cuffs. BLUES: Dress Blues. BLT: Battalion Landing Team. BOONDOCKS (BOONIES): rugged isolated back country. BOONDOCKERS: low-topped work boots issued to reservists. BOOT: recruit. BOO-COO: (Fr. beaucoup) much, many. BRAIN HOUSING GROUP: your gourd, mind, brain, or head. BRASS: officers. BRIG: jail. BRIG RAT: jail inmate. BRIG CHASER: MP assigned to escort prisoners. BROTHER: black Marine (also Splib). BROWN SIDE-OUT: desert camouflage pattern. BULKHEAD: wall. BY-THE-NUMBERS: in sequence. CANNON COCKERS: artillerymen. CARRY ON!: resume what you were doing; as you were. CASUAL COMPANY: unit of Marines awaiting reassignment. CC: Corrective Custody; jail, the brig. CHUCK: black Marine's term for white Marine. CG: Commanding General. CHIEU HOI (Viet.): freedom; safe conduct pass; program whereby VC who surrendered were assured safe conduct. CHIMPO: see choda. CHIT: written authorization or receipt. CHODA: same as chimpo. CHOW: food. CHOW HALL: mess hall. CLICK: one notch of adjustment on a rifle. CINDERELLA LIBERTY: time off which ends at midnight. CO (Viet.): girl, woman. COLORS: n. the flag; v. ceremony of raising or lowering the flag. CON BIET? (Viet) do you understand? C-RATS: C rations, canned field rations. COM RATS: commuted rations; in lieu pay for meals eaten off base. CORPSMAN: Navy medic serving with Marines. COVER: hat. COVER ASS: take precautions to avoid blame. THE CROTCH: derogatory term for Marine Corps. CRUISE: period of enlistment; tour of duty. DECK: floor. DEUCE-AND-A-HALF: 2 1/2 ton truck. DI-DI (Viet.): leave, go, move out. DI-DI MAU (Viet.): emphatic of Di-di. DIDDY BAG: cloth, drawstring bag for small items. DIDDY BOP: swagger; affected walk. DINK: Vietnamese. DINKY-DAU (Viet): crazy. DOG-AND-PONY-SHOW: special presentation put on for visiting dignitaries. DOUBLE TIME: quickly; at a run. DRY FIRE: practice. DRY RUN: practice. DU-DIT (Viet): fuck you! EIGHTH & EYE: Headquarters Marine Corps. ENTRENCHING TOOL (E-TOOL): small folding field shovel. EVERY SWINGING DICK: All hands, everyone. EYE FUCK: scrutinize; inspect closely. FARTSACK: mattress cover. FIELD DAY: general cleanup of barracks. FIELD SCARF: necktie. FIELD STRIP: disassemble; take apart. FIRE IN THE HOLE!: warning that explosives are about to be detonated. FIRST SHIRT (ALSO TOP): First Sergeant. FLOAT PHASE: sea deployment of a Marine unit. FMF: Fleet Marine Force. FOUR-BY: light truck. FRONT LEANING REST POSITION: pushup position ("the Position"). GALLEY: kitchen. GANG WAY!: stand back! move away! GEDUNK: sweets or a store that sells sweets. GEAR: equipment. GI CAN: garbage can. GIZMO: gadget; anything that defies discription. GOURD: head; where you hang your cover. GREEN SIDE-OUT: woodland pattern camouflage. GRAB A HAT: leave. GRINDER: parade ground. GUIDON: pennant bearing unit designation. GUNG HO: lit. work together; (from Chinese) highly motivated. GUNGY: gung ho. GUNNY: Gunnery Sergeant. GRABASS (ORGANIZED GRABASS): play; sports, frivolous activity. GREEN MACHINE: Marine Corps. HAM: Hairy Assed Marine; male Marine. HAM AND MOTHERS: "Ham and Motherfuckers;" generally detested C-ration meal posing as ham and lima beans. HATCH: door. HARD CHARGER: motivated Marine. HEAD: toilet. HIGH-AND-TIGHT: standard Marine haircut; shaved sides and short on top. HOLLYWOOD MARINE: San Diego MCRD graduate. HOOCH (Jap.): any kind of shelter, residence. HONCHO (Jap.): boss; man in charge. HOUSE MOUSE: Drill Instructor's go-fer. HUMP: to march; to carry; to be burdened with. HUSS: a favor; a break e.g., "gimme a huss;" archaic name for HU34D helicopter. INCOMING!: hostile fire being received! IRISH PENNANT: string dangling from clothing indicating unkempt appearance. ITR: Infantry Training Regiment. JARHEAD: Marine. JIBS: teeth, esp. front incisors, e.g., "I'll bust your jibs." JING (also jing-wa, Jap.): change; money. JOE SHIT THE RAGMAN: bad example, un-squared-away Marine, boyfriend of Rosy Rottencrotch. JUNK-ON-THE-BUNK: complete clothing and equipment inspection (also Things-on-the-Springs) laid out on the rack. K-BAR: Marine-issue fighting knife. KLICK: kilometer. LADDER (or ladderway): stairs. LAI DAY (Viet.): come here! LEAVE: authorized absence of more than 24 hours. LIBERTY: authorized absence of less than 24 hours. LOCK AND LOAD: arm and ready your weapon; get ready! MAKE A HOLE!: stand back! gang way! MAGGIE'S DRAWERS: red disc used on the rifle range to signify missing the target. MOS: assigned job specialty. MUSTANG (Mustanger): enlisted man who becomes an officer. NON-QUAL: Marine who fails to fire a qualifying score at the rifle range. OFFICE HOURS: summary court marshall, official inquiry or reprimand. OFFICE POGUE: desk-bound Marine. ONTOS: armored tracked vehicle mounting six 106 mm recoiless rifles. OUTSTANDING!: exceptional; well done! OVERHEAD: ceiling. OVER THE HILL: absent without authorization. OVER THE HUMP: more than halfway through enlistment. PASSAGEWAY: corridor; hallway. PIECE: rifle. PISS CUTTER: envelope-shaped overseas cap. PISS-AND-PUNK: bread and water punishment. PISS TUBE: field urinal; rocket launcher (bazooka) which resembles one. POGUE: lazy individual, also office worker. POGEY BAIT: candy, sweets. POLICE CALL: time allocated to clean up an area. POLICE UP: clean up. POOP (also dope, scoop): information. POP-FLARE: hand held and launched aireal illumination flare. PT: Physical Training; exercise. QUARTERS: living space. RACK: bed, bunk. RAPPEL: descend from cliff or helicopter by rope. RECON (also Force Recon): Force Reconnaissance Marine. ROMP 'N' STOMP: to drill, march. ROUND: bullet or artillery or mortar shell. RUBBER LADY: inflatable air mattress. SALT: experience; an old-timer Marine. SALTY: smart-mouthed; opinionated. SCOSHI (or scosh'): small, short, a little bit. SCUTTLEBUTT: rumors; a drinking fountain. SEABAG: duffle bag. SEA DUTY: billited aboard a ship. SEA GOING BELLHOP: derog. for Marine, from Marines assigned to the bridge of a vessel. SEA STORY: a lie or an exaggeration. SEA LAWYER: self-appointed expert. SECURE: tie down or make fast; also to recycle or dispose of; to put something in its proper place; to desist. SEVEN-EIGHTY-TWO GEAR: field equipment; canvas web gear. SHIT BIRD: messy or undisciplined; a fuck up. SHIT CAN: (v) to dispose of; (n) garbage can. SHORT: nearing the end of a tour of duty or enlistment. SHORT ROUND: ordnance which is landing short of the intended target. SHORT TIME: a very brief love affair. SHORTTIMER: Marine nearing the end of an enlistment period. SICK BAY: clinic or hospital. SIX-BY (six-by-six): standard three-axle truck. SIX-SIX-AND-A-KICK: The ultimate General court marshall punishment consisting of six months forfeiture of pay, six months hard labor, and a dishonorable discharge. SKIPPER: captain; commanding officer. SKIVVIES: underwear. SKIVVIE HONCHO: a lothario; a ladies man. SKIVVIE HOUSE: brothel. SLOPCHUTE: diner; restaurant. SMOKING LAMP: authority to smoke when it is lit. SNAP IN: practice, esp. on the rifle range. SNOOPIN' AND POOPIN': reconnoitering. SNOT LOCKER: nose. SOUND OFF!: assertively voice. SORRY 'BOUT THAT!: assertion of mock apology. SPUD LOCKER: pantry. SQUAD BAY: barracks. SQUARED AWAY: neat, orderly, organized. SQUID: (derog.) sailor. STACK ARMS!: command given to place 3 rifles in a pyramid. STACKING SWIVEL: appendage near muzzle of rifle allowing stacked arms; neck. STAND BY!: prepare. STANDBY: waiting status. STARCHIES: starched utilities. STROKE BOOK: porno magazine. SURVEY: dispose of; recycle. SWAB: mop. SWABBIE: sailor. TI TI (Viet.) (pron. tee-tee): little, small. TOP: Sergeant Major. TOPSIDE: upstairs; on deck. TROPS: khaki tropical summer dress uniform. TURN TO: begin work. UA: Unauthorized Absence. UD: Undesireable Discharge. UTILITIES: olive drab field uniform. WILLIE PETER: white phosphorus. THE WORD: confirmed official information; the straight scoop. ZERO-DARK-THIRTY: pre-dawn; early.

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