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I Served

By Don C. Hall and Annette R. Hall

"I SERVED is a first-person account of the lonely childhood and manhood rites of passage of a Catholic orphanage schoolboy and plankholder in Company F, 51st Long Range Patrol (Airborne) Infantry. From separation from most of his siblings, to life in an orphanage in Virginia, to the dank jungles of Viet Nam, and finally to homecoming and marriage to his childhood sweetheart, Don Hall tells his story. I SERVED takes us on a journey we cannot stop once the first page is turned."
--CSM Jeff Mellinger

Category: non-fiction
ISBN: 1-55212-489-4
Price: $27.00 (U.S.)

Toll free: 1-888-232-4444 (U.S. & Canada only)
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Images From The Otherland

By Kenneth P. Sympson

Memoirs of a United States Marine Artillery Officer in Vietnam.
Published by McFarland & Co. October, 1995.
Forward by General P.X. Kelley, 28th Commandant.

Also, please visit Ken Sympson's Home Page Locater section, but don't forget to come "Back."

"These were people who were very close to me ....; but I forgot them when I buried Vietnam after my tour in 1965-1966.....There is a chance that you ... may have information that would be of use in finding some of the people I am trying to locate."

ISBN: 0786401443

Known Retail Price: $20.95

In The Grass

By Horace Coleman

(A Book of Poems)

"Nam vets know what "in the grass" means. After you've read this book, you'll feel the chaos and confusion of war and know of the miracles and misery in the mud...and some fine writing."

Book Review


Known Retail Price: $


By John A. Miller

WINNER, 1996 California Book Award, First Fiction.

John A. Miller served with the 82d Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg and in Vietnam.

"You can add JACKSON STREET to the list of clear-eyed portrayals of the Vietnam War. Although none of Miller's stories chronicle actual combat, the Vietnam War lingers like the worst kind of presence - unseen, cryptically referred to, a place fresh soldiers must experience and battle-scarred ones can't shake." --THE SUN NEWS "IMPRESSIVE . . . Miller's bleak landscapes and haunted characters make memorable reading . . . OUTSTANDINGLY GOOD." --PUBLISHERS WEEKLY "Miller writes with astonishing skill." --BOOKPAGE "Highly recommended." --RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH "To chance upon this brilliant collection and begin reading Miller's lyrical parade of magical sentences is like walking out to get the morning paper and finding the Hope diamond." --THE BEAUFORT GAZETTE "Miller writes eloquently of people who have little to say themselves." --DANVILLE REGISTER & BEE "Near flawless . . . not a sentence out of place." --SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE "Fine stuff indeed." --THE SEATTLE TIMES 


$20.95 Total per book

($18.95 plus 2.00 S&H--hardcover)

Checks payable to:

Orloff Press

P.O. Box 80774

Athens, GA 30608

For additional information, please contact John Spencer at Orloff Press:

1 (800) 724-8078 or--

Voice + fax (706) 548-0701 or--

E-mail orloffpres@aol.com

(Orloff Press, ISBN 0-9642949-3-1)

Jason's Demons

By John Paul Rossie

This 63,000-word novel tells a fictional story of a Vietnam Veteran's struggle with PTSD and the VA. It is available for FREE by downloading directly from the Vietnam Veteran's Home Page.


Jimmy's Girl

By Stephanie Gertler

A novel for anyone who ever left love behind in the wake of the Vietnam War and dared to wonder "what if?" The debut of a writer of extraordinary talent, Jimmy's Girl is a story of first love lost and of the price to be paid for finding it again.

Published by Dutton
February 2001

ISBN: 0-525-94565-2

Also available in paperback February 2002
ISBN: 0-451-20516-2

Just One

By William A. Roble

JUST ONE covers the life of Bill Roble as he tries to learn why one name on the Vietnam Memorial Wall, that of his brother, Joseph Edward Roble, meant so much to so many. Throughout his younger years and into adulthood, Bill was influenced by his late brother through his correspondence as a Marine in Vietnam, as well as comments from his brother's friends and relatives.

This influence led to an enlistment in the U.S. Marine Corps, and later a meeting with many of his brother's comrades in arms, all of which culminated in an attempt to retrace his brother's footsteps to Vietnam. Bill attempts to show how the loss of just one man in one war can impact many lives. JUST ONE gives the reader a new perspective on the ideals of the men and women that fought in Vietnam, as well as shows how their lives impact some of us even today. JUST ONE gives us a new appreciation of young American Marines of yesterday, today, and the future.

William A. Roble is a Pennsylvania native, currently residing in Orange County, California. He is a lover of life with a variety of interests to include; poetry, music, fitness and travel. He is currently employed as a contract graphic designer and hopes to continue a career as a writer.

ISBN: 0595219241

Contact the Author via email here

The Last Hookers

By LTC Carle E. Dunn, USA-Ret.

Colonel Dunn brings to life worldwide events that led America to Viet Nam. From President Truman to President Nixon, he shines light into dark corners of the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and the White House. Based on fact, he traces events from Germany, Japan, Great Britain, France, North and South Viet Nam and the United States that made America's involvement in Southeast Asia unavoidable.

Follow Legionnaire Jean Danjou as he places navigational beacons for American B-29s to drop atomic bombs at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu. Learn fearsome events that put the United States a word away from atomic attacks against Communist China and the USSR, 19 times.

Frederick Earling shows the CIA fighting a decades long, secret war in Laos. Lanny Briscoe reveals the NSA's role from World War II to Viet Nam. The Last Hookers puts you in cockpits with Army aviators throughout battles in Viet Nam. Fly with the 362nd Aviation Company as it fights North Viet Nam's most intense effort to capture Saigon.

Of books about America in Southeast Asia, The Last Hookers is the most comprehensive. You will become stunned at its vivid disclosures. You will wonder how they survived.

ISBN: 0759655928

EMAIL for Carle E. Dunn

Available at major bookstores and discount houses
Example: Bamm.com

The Last Parade

By Hiland B. Doolittle

Hiland served in Vietnam from January 1967 through May 1968.

A powerful review is posted on the Web Site of Gunny Fallon at:


More Reviews:

"The Last Parade is the For Whom the Bell Tolls of the Vietnam generation. This love story amid the chaos of war takes you captive and leaves you aching."

-- Robert E. Lee Taylor

"The Last Parade is one of those books you pick up and forget to put down while you enjoy letting love and war fight for your emotions."

-- Libby Treadwill

"Truly a side of Vietnam we all knew existed but few of us saw or experienced. The world has waited too long to hear this story."

-- Sgt. Jack Mazar

"The Last Parade is a spellbinding love story in which any reader will become thoroughly engrossed. Hiland Doolittle's epic is to the Vietnam War what From Here to Eternity was to World War II."

-- Larrie Calvert

For PX Bookshelf viewers:

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E-mail contact: Hiland B. Doolittle

For ordering information, please access: Web Site

Long Time Passing: Vietnam and the Haunted Generation

By Myra MacPherson

"There have been many books on the Vietnam War, but few have captured its second life as memory better than Long Time Passing." --Washington Post Book World

This new edition of a classic book on the impact of the Vietnam War on Americans reintroduces the haunted voices of the Vietnam era to a new generation of readers. In a new introduction, Myra MacPherson reports on the legacy of the war and its impact on contemporary political life, interviews a number of her principal characters to bring their stories up to date, and reflects on what has changed, and what hasn't, for the haunted generation in the years since these interviews were conducted. Included is information on the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon, the war in Afghanistan, and their connections to the Vietnam War and to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

ISBN: 0385470169

Indiana University Press
Phone Order: (800)842-6796
E-Mail Order

Manchu Delta, A Vietnam War Story

By E. R. Bridwell

"'Manchu Delta,' in the starkest sense, is a Vietnam war story. It is a war story too many of us have not heard, a war story too few veterans have forced themselves to tell. Bridwell describes boredom that was as oppressive as fear, revenge as satisfying as safety, and heroism that is still chilling. 'Manchu Delta' honestly records one man's Vietnam war. In the process, Vietnam becomes our war story as well."

Price: $7.95 (includes S&H)

Payable to:

E. R. Bridwell
6515 York Rd.
Helena, MT 59602

Email: brid1@hotmail.com

ISBN: 0-934318-75-1
Library of Congress No.: 85-73150

Man of the River

By SMC Jimmy R. Bryant, USN

Powerful...an epic, true story about the U.S. Navy's courageous campaign on Vietnam's rivers -- a Memoir of a Brown Water Sailor in Vietnam, 1968-1969.

"Man of the River" is about Riverine Warfare in Vietnam and gives an up-close, first-person account of what the well-armed, small, thirty-one-foot-long, fiberglass boats that worked in pairs were involved in while fighting the Vietcong and North Vietnamese army.

This is a non-fiction book supported by actual patrol action reports, charts of the rivers, and numerous photos of what these patrols faced daily and nightly on the dangerous rivers of that country.

For prices and ordering information, please E-mail the author at: Jimmy R. Bryant

Or Phone: (901) 386-2217

ISBN: 1-887901-23-X
Copyright 1998

March of the Skeleton Men

by Harry Hardwick

Like all wars, Vietnam has its legends. Among combatants, stories of heroes and battles are told and retold. These we know. Less familiar are those related by former POW's and their loved ones, tales of MIA's who survived, yet never came home. These, though denied by both sides, endure as only truth endures.

Kept as slaves long after war's end, word of their survival has leaked out piecemeal over decades. By word of mouth, in lists smuggled out by POW's, in dogeared photographs-in hundreds of ways, through scores of eyewitnesses, evidence of their survival amounts.

Despite everything media and government have done to discredit the whistle blowers, stories of the men we left behind refuse to go away. In March of the Skeleton Men, Four American and one Australian POW are thrown together, first during the war, then later in the post-war camps we have been told never existed. Drawing strength from each other to survive conditions unimaginable to anyone who has not been a guest at the Hanoi Hilton or prisons like it, they survive long after their comrades have returned to 'the world.' Each has one goal, one desire, one hope that keeps them alive-to make it home again.

Harry Hardwick served in the Army 1968-1969.

ISBN: 1930859260

Contact The Author

MARCH OF THE SKELETON MEN is available at major book stores
or can be ordered direct at 800-431-1579
from Elderberry Press


By Captain D. M. Petteys

Helicopter War in Viet Nam with the U.S. Marine Corps

View Dave's Web Site on his book and order at: http://www.mstg.net/~dpetteys/.

The Mark

By Jacques Leslie

Jacques Leslie was a war correspondent in Vietnam. His book "The Mark: A War Correspondent's Memoir of Vietnam and Cambodia" comes highly recommended.

This link will take you to Jacques' Home Page where you can read the prologue to the book, but don't forget to come "Back."

Book Review

ISBN: 1-56858-024-X

Known Retail Price: $22.00

Immediate Orders: 1-800-626-4848

Medics Wild

By Darrell Bain

The "M*A*S*H" of Vietnam!

Copies are only $7.50!

Please make checks/money orders out to and mail to:

Darrell Bain
251 Santa Claus Lane
Shepherd, TX 77371

Include a note with your name and FULL return address.

ISBN: 1-55197-445-2
copyright © 1997, all rights reserved

Meet Me At The Wall

By Wayne McCormick

ISBN: 1-886825-00-9

Known Retail Price: $7.95 ($10.95 Canada)

A story of events in the lives of the family members of the Last POW - Last MIA of the Vietnam War.

For Sales Information use this direct mail form.

For contact with the author use this direct mail form.

"Memories Are Like Clouds"

By Diana Dell

(A childhood memoir set in the 1950s)
copyright © 1996 by Diana Dell

Diana Dell went to Vietnam in 1970 with the USO after her brother Kenny was killed in the Mekong Delta. She was a program director in Cam Ranh Bay and director of public relations in Saigon, where she hosted "USO Showtime" daily on American Forces Vietnam Network radio. She also set up "Feed the Children" programs in orphanages, coordinated programs and publicity for the 14 centers in-country, and escorted USO shows around Vietnam (from the Delta to the DMZ).

After leaving Vietnam following the Easter Offensive in 1972, Diana worked in Europe for a year as publicity director at the Frankfurt USO and two years as a free-lance writer and photographer in Athens and Madrid.

After selling an advertising agency that she owned in Boston for ten years, Diana taught Vietnam War history classes at Tampa College.

Remembering Kenny, this nostalgic book is a growing-up memoir about one of America's heroes and those who loved him.

For more information and to order, please access: http://www.hyperbooks.com/20022.html

Diana can be reached via email at: write@tiac.net

Memories Of Maggie

By Noonie Fortin

Martha Raye spent over two years "in country" in Vietnam entertaining for and caring about our troops. She received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1993, the highest award America gives to civilians.

Noonie Fortin, a Vietnam-era Army veteran, spent seven years gathering hundreds of letters from Veterans who knew Colonel Maggie to compile this book.

ISBN: 1-880292-18-1

Known Retail Price: $15.95

Published by LangMarc Publishing
PO Box 33817
San Antonio, TX 78265-3817

Contact Noonie directly at Nfortin@aol.com

Men Made For War

By J. R. Gathings

Thirty years later they went back to discover the truth and finish the job. Men Made For War has captured as no other novel has, the courage and determination, and also the fears and frustrations, of the Vietnam soldier, both then and now. This action/adventure novel explores Vietnam veterans haunted by the past while trying to cope with their present-day lives.

The author, himself a Vietnam Veteran, has brought to life with stunning realism the state of mind of the American soldier. The yearnings of each Vet in his own heart to go back and finish the job is strikingly realized in this gripping novel.

Autographed copies of MEN MADE FOR WAR are available in paperback for $12.75 ($9.95 plus $2.80 postage/handling).

Send check/money order payable to:

Adjutant Press
P. O. Box 8221
Wimington, DE 19803

Mercy Warriors: Saving Lives Under Fire

By John "Doc" Combs

All medical participants from battlefield and dustoff to travel aides, battalion aid stations and hospital personnel participated in this project. This includes doctors, army medics, navy corpsmen, army nurses, navy nurses aboard The Sanctuary, and grave registration personnel who were in Vietnam from 1965 to 1972. The book hopes to educate the military and medical branches so that there can be no more Vietnams.

**This book is about the medical chain in Vietnam - Readjustment & P.T.S.D.**

The book may be ordered in either paperback or hard bound (when available). Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. All orders carry a $5.00 shipping and handling charge for each book mailed for a total of $29.95. Overnight and 2-day charges are extra.

If you pay by credit card fill out this form

or you can mail a check for $29.95 (Fla. residents add $1.75 tax) to:

John A. Combs
24016 E. Bobcat Road
Astor, FL 32102
(352) 759-2476
Email Link Here

Mike Force:

Two Years of War Serving with the Green Berets' Mobile Strike Force
in Viet Nam

By Lt. Col. L.H. "Bucky" Burruss, USA (Ret.)

"Truly reflects 'the way it was' in special forces."


--Lt. Gen. William P. Yarborough, USA (Ret.)

"Bucky Burruss was...an honest, courageous, loyal leader of men. To serve under him was a signal honor....It was the worst of times and the best of times--and Bucky was the best we had, ever."  

--Command Sergeant Major William E. Edge, --U.S. Army Special Forces (Ret.), --former top-ranking NCO of the Green Berets

"Bucky Burruss is a born warrior....What sets him apart is that he can write and write well. Anyone who wants to know what being a soldier is all about should read MIKE FORCE."  

--David C. Martin, --Pentagon correspondent, --CBS News

ISBN: 0-671-66945-1

Known Retail Price: $5.50

Email contact: Lewis H. (Bucky) Burruss

"Military Veterans PTSD Reference Manual"

By © MSG. I. S. Parrish, USA Retired

"This IS the BEST publication on the market today about PTSD in Military Veterans and on obtaining a disability for PTSD."

Web Site and Ordering: http://www.ptsdmanual.com/

E-mail for Information about the Manual: iparrish@ptsdmanual.com

My Rock `N Roll War

By Don Morrisson

'My Rock `N Roll War' is a true and moving story of a a nineteen year old rock drummers tour of duty in war-torn Vietnam. Using vivid word pictures, master storyteller Don Morrisson is the first to reveal what it was like for many of the three thousand Australian entertainers who toured Vietnam.

Share the laughter, tears, love, excitement, confusion, and fear as the group 'Xanadu' tour from Vietnam's Delta to the DMZ. This is a book you won't be able to put down.

Paperback, A5 : 318 pages, 3 sections of plates, 77 photographs

ISBN 09577 167 0 2

To Order " My Rock `N Roll War"

 Postal Address:
Dog-Tag Books
P.O. Box 159
Bracken Ridge
Queensland 4017

 email: don@1.elfa.com.au
FAX: (Area code 07) 3269 1400
Price: $25 Aust. + $6 Aust. postage and handling
Money orders, Visa, Bank Cheques

Never Without Heroes

Marine Third Reconnaissance Battalion,
Vietnam, 1965-1970

By Lawrence C. Vetter, Jr.

Four Medals of Honor, Thirteen Navy Crosses, Seventy-two Silver Stars... "It's all here: grueling, tense, and deadly recon patrols; insertions directly into NVA base camps; last-stand defenses in the wreckage of downed helicopters; pursuit by superior North Vietnamese forces; agonizing death and heroism of men who valiantly put their lives on the line.

"'Never Without Heroes' is the first book to recount the story of a Marine reconnaissance battalion in Vietnam from the day of its arrival to its withdrawal. In Vietnam, Larry Vetter served as a platoon and patrol leader in Third Recon Battalion. He supplements his own recollections with Marine Corps records, exhaustive interviews with veterans, and correspondence to capture the bravery and self-sacrifice of war."

ISBN 0-8041-0807-2


A Personal Account of the
Intelligence Failure in Vietnam

By George W. Allen

From the first large-scale Viet Minh offensive against the French in 1950, to the fall of Saigon in 1975, the United States tried desperately to understand the nature of the fierce Communist-led struggle to create a unified, independent Vietnam. American intelligence played a key role in gathering information on the political and military situation in Vietnam and on the strengths and weaknesses of both sides. But as George Allen shows in this eye-popping memoir, intelligence appraisals were consistently ignored or rejected by policymakers in every administration from Eisenhower through Nixon-because these assessments undermined the mistaken assumptions of the White House, the State Department, and the Pentagon. From his vantage point as a chief official with the CIA and army intelligence, Mr. Allen reveals specifically how American leaders, unwilling to face up to "bad news" from intelligence sources, largely excluded intelligence from important policy deliberations until it was too late. None So Blind is a remarkable contribution to the history of the Vietnam War.

George W. Allen was from 1949 to 1979 an intelligence analyst for the army, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the CIA. He specialized in the Vietnam wars, served almost three years in Vietnam itself, and later held senior staff and management positions related to the production of strategic intelligence. He lives in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Price and binding: $27.50 Cloth
ISBN: 1-56663-387-7

No Survivors

By Mike Sutton

Mike Sutton served three tours in Vietnam as an infantry advisor. Mike began writing "No Survivors" 14 years ago to deal with the War's memories and create a lasting tribute to our fallen Warriors of Nam.

Click Here to see the great image that is used as the book jacket. The image was created by Bill Gunzelman

Book Review

ISBN: 0-8338-0226-7

Known Retail Price: $

On Snipers, Laughter and Death: Vietnam Poems

By John Musgrave
Delta Co
lst Bn, 9th Marine Reg
3rd Marine Div

A must read! To preview some of John's work, access his Gallery right on this site in the "Remembrance" main section: "The Poems of John Musgrave."

COST: $7.00 TOTAL, each book --

($6.00 per copy, plus $1.00 for postage and handling)


Coal City Review
English Department
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045

ISSN: 1062-5011

 Copyright: April 1994

 (Fourth Printing)

One Boy's Path To Special Forces Qualification

By David Frank Stafford

This book is a 303-page memoir chronicling the first twenty-four years of an A-Team medic's developments.
Painfully honest, One Boy's Path To Special Forces Qualification (or 00:19:57) shares one man's journey
from his own youth's adversities all the way to the pinnacle of military prestige.

Merlin Publishing Company
P.O. Box 434 Chelmsford, Ma 01824

The Originals

By Don Truitt

Written with generous helpings of gritty humor and irony, THE ORIGINALS introduces readers to a company of brilliantly rebellious reluctant warriors who are shipped to Vietnam as a unit. While they are there, they wage war on the Army Way and the NCOs and Officers who were making their lives miserable. THE ORIGINALS is guaranteed to invade your heart with laughter, with a sprinkling of bittersweet tears thrown in for good measure.

ISBN: 1-59129-079-1
Price: $19.95
Additional information HERE

The Other Side of Heaven

An Anthology of Post-War Fiction
by Vietnamese and American Writers.

ISBN: 1-880684-31-4

Known Retail Price: $17.95

Peace Among Ourselves: 
Facing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

By Jane Elizabeth Hughes

This book is a collection of letters, poems, diaries, and interviews of veterans who were willing to share their heartfelt and wrenching experiences at The Wall in D.C.

ISBN: 0-964812-7-2, Paperback--144 pgs.

$13.95 Total per book includes postage.

Make check or money order or any correspondence to:

Robbie Patton 10002 Aurora Ave. N. #1110 Seattle, WA 98133

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Pettibone's Law

By John Keene

A darkly satiric, hilarious novel about the air war in Vietnam, in the tradition of Catch-22.

ISBN: 155704547

COST: $14.95

Available through Amazon Books, but don't forget to come "Back."

America's Missing Men

By Chimp Robertson

"POW/MIA" investigates this hot issue through interviews with individuals across the social spectrum--from Senators and journalists to soldiers and entertainers--asking the burning question:
Did we leave men in Southeast Asia?

Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the Annual Veteran's Appreciation Banquet at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK.

ISBN: 0-91498-464-0

Known Retail Price: $19.95 (plus tax and shipping)

Order from
Starburst Promotions

order signed copies
for $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping from
Chimp Robertson
5505-A, West 19th Ave
Stillwater, OK 74074

Author contact at Chimp Robertson


By E. Michael Helms

"A stunning account of war, seen through the eyes and mind of one young Marine."
--The American Veteran.

ISBN: 0-9653966-4-9, 240 pages

Known Retail Price: $17.95 Total each ($14.95 per copy, plus $3.00 shipping and handling)

Florida residents add county sales tax

Send check or money order to:

Karmichael Press
HC 3, Box 155D
Port St. Joe, FL 32456
Contact the author at Michael Helms


The Saga of Wolfgang O'Neill

By R. N. Price, GySgt, USMC (ret)

"Marine author, R.N. Price, delivers a Kiplingesque tale with which male military readers, particularily, will quickly identify. A sequel -- or series -- is a given."
--Lt. Col. Keith Oliver, USMC, Public Affairs.

ISBN: 1-885487-08-8

LOC: 94-0792250

PRICE: $15.95 Total each ($12.95 per copy, plus $3.00 shipping and handling)

R.N. Price
136 Harding Road
Niceville, FL 32578

Direct author contact by email.

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