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Quoth The Raven

By Jim Roper

Retired USAF Colonel Jim Roper logged nearly 1000 combat hours in small, unarmed spotter planes. Acting as a Covey Forward Air Controller (FAC), he directed airstrikes on North Vietnamese trucks and guns on the Ho Chi Mihn Trail. Moving into the Steve Canyon Program, he becomes a Raven FAC, wearing civilian clothes and flying unmarked planes in close support of Laotian forces around the capital of Luang Prabang.

His memoir of the secret air war over Laos is mixed with humor and danger as his primary mission becomes one of survival. Quoth the Raven is a no-nonsense memoir of wild missions flown in spotter planes over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in 1970 and in the secret war in Barrel Roll (northern Laos).

ISBN: 1-59129-051-1,

Additional information can be found at Publish America

Email contact for Jim Roper

Recovering From The War

A Guide for All Veterans, Family Members, Friends, and Therapists

By Patience H.C. Mason

Introduction by Robert Mason, author of the bestselling, Vietnam-War memoir, "Chickenhawk"

"Recovering From The War" was first published by Viking Penguin in 1990. We are happy to announce a new, quality-trade, paperback edition.

This classic, self-help book investigates the costs of war for soldiers and their families through interviews with 60 Vietnam Veterans. Learn what Veterans faced, the normal effects of war, how PTSD affects families, and how Vets and their families can get better.

Patience Mason is the wife of Vietnam Veteran Robert Mason (author of the bestselling Vietnam memoir, "Chickenhawk"). Her writing has a unique appeal to Veterans and their family members because she has experienced what they are experiencing, has felt what they feel -- and is recovering from the war.

This is a "must have" book for the spouse/family/friend of every Vietnam Veteran. It puts the war and the effect it had on our Veterans into a plain-language perspective that families and friends can understand. It provides helpful suggestions, advice, and resources for Veterans and families, who are dealing with the effects of PTSD.

To order "Recovering From The War," please make out your check or money order payable to:

Patience Press

For a TOTAL of: $23.45 per book --
($19.95 per copy, plus $3.50 S&H each copy).
Mail your payment to the address below in this ad.
For credit card orders, please call Toll Free:
1-877-PATIENCE (728-4362) --
Between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern time.

The Post-Traumatic Gazette newsletter to end with issue No.42

After 7 years of continous publication, the last new issue of this outstanding monthly newsletter The Post-Traumatic Gazette will be Volume 7, Number 6. All 42 back issues of the Gazette are available and will be kept in print. They can be ordered singly, by the year, or as a complete set from:

Patience Mason, Editor
The Post-Traumatic Gazette
P O Box 2757
High Springs, FL 32655
You can contact Patience using this email form.
Or visit her WWW Home Page.

Visit Robert Mason's web site for information on Chickenhawk and other novels about the Vietnam experience.

Reflections Of My Past

By Jack T. Hartzel

Jack quit high school and joined the Marine Corps in February of 1966. He volunteered for Vietnam six months later. In the beginning of his tour in Nam, Jack was with a security unit.

Jack comments, "I was a 'Shitbird' Marine -- bored and always in trouble. Little did I know I was about to be in the real shit when I transferred into Echo 2/9, an infantry company that's Area of Operation was in Northern I-Corps!"

Jack was at "Con Thien (Hill of the Angels)" where the NVA unleased an unmerciful attack of over 1200 rds. of artillery of such ferocity never seen before in Vietnam.

Jack's book is to honor the dead and wounded of Second Battalion, Ninth Marine Regiment.

ISBN: 1-58898-079-0

To order, send a Postal Money Order for $15.00 + $1.50 shipping to:

Jack T. Hartzel
RD-1 674 Brickhouse Rd.
Warren Center, PA 18851

Email Jack Hartzel

Order On-Line

Rejoice or Cry

By John R. Rhodes

In 1967, Pvt. John R. Rhodes was a Marine serving with 3rd Recon Battalion in Vietnam. In this memoir, he documents through his personal diary, the story of one individual's tour of duty. Rhodes's vivid description of what it was like to be part of the Marine Corps Elite is an engrossing portrait.

ISBN: 0-9655655-0-5

Price: $10.00 Total each -- ($7.95 per copy, plus $2.05 S&H)

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Reluctant Warrior

By Michael C. Hodgins

A Marine's true story of duty and heroism in Vietnam.

ISBN: 0449910598

COST: $24.00

Resources for Teaching the Vietnam War:
An Annotated Guide

By Ann L. Kelsey,
With the assistance of Anthony O. Edmonds

ISBN: 0-945919-17-4

PRICE: $13.15 Total each ($11.95 per copy, plus $1.20 S&H)


Center for Social Studies Education
901 Old Hickory Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15243

Email contact

Rice And Cotton: South Vietnam And South Alabama

By John B. Givhan

The never-to-be-regained "innocence lost" by America's youth during the Vietnam War lies strewn across America's landscape in the form of shattered live and minds. We were sent there by U.S. government officials who played recklessly with our young lives; however, we did not know to what extent at the time. Maybe we still don't. But, we do know that for them, politics came first, and our welfare - our very lives - came second. We also know that very little was reported about that war during the period November 22, 1963, to August 5, 1964.

John B. Givhan was there during that time, and he details early helicopter assault missions flown by courageous U.S. Army helicopter pilots, crew chiefs and gunners. RICE AND COTTON is also about April 12, 1964, in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, a day that is and will be forever etched in the minds and souls of the men of the 120th Aviation Company, the "Deans", when valor and devotion to duty reigned supreme.

John B. Givhan is a soldier, rancher and lawyer. He was awarded the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star, the Air Medal with Nine Oak Leaf Clusters and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for his helicopter pilot combat service in the Vietnam War.

ISBN: 0738820911

EMAIL John Givhan

Sailors to the End

by Gregory A. Freeman

On July 29, 1967, tragedy struck one of the mightiest aircraft carriers in the U.S. fleet, the USS Forrestal.

Filled with never-before-disclosed information, this riveting, meticulously documented book pieces together the events of the tragedy -- correcting the official U.S. view. For 35 years, the government has allowed the Forrestal crew to carry an undeserved share of the blame for the tragedy, never acknowledging that it sent the carrier faulty bombs that exploded before the crew even had a chance to contain the initial fire.

Told through the stories of a dozen of the ship's sailors, including its former captain, it follows the Forrestal from its home in Norfolk, Virginia, to the fateful fire and its aftermath. Written with the intensity and excitement of a thriller, here is the first full minute-by-minute account of the disaster.

The book will be released in July 2002, the 35th anniversary of the fire.

Web Site Information

The Secret Vietnam War--
The United States Air Force in Thailand, 1961-1975

By Jeff Glasser

Jeff's well-done Home Page has details about his book, plus maps and images of original and exceptional quality:


You can email Jeff at: jbigfoot@ee.net.

Sparring With Charlie

Motorbiking Down the Ho Chi Minh Trail

By Christopher Hunt

What happens when an American, too young to have fought in Vietnam, goes looking for the notorious Ho Chi Minh Trail? Follow Christopher Hunt's insightful, often-comical journey through a country with one foot mired in the past and the other foot groping for the future.

ISBN: 0-385-48128-4

Known Retail Price: $12.95 (paperback)

Immediate Orders: 1-800-233-5780

Available in the Travel Essay sections of major book stores and independent booksellers.

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Internet orders: www.amazon.com
Click HERE to read excerpts and reviews on Christopher Hunt's Home Page.

Contact Christopher Hunt by e-mail.

A Step From Heaven

By K.L. Bye

Illustrations by Frank Schaffer, 1st Av. Brigade, 1973

Poems on Vietnam from a combat soldier's point of view.

"With unerring accuracy, Bye understands and writes the feelings of America's warriors."

--Chris Noel, actress, AFRV 1966-1971.
". . .tuning fork for the soul. . ."
--Rev. Ray Stubbe, Chaplain at Khe Sanh.

ISBN: 0-9641975-0-3
PRICE: $10.00 (MN residents add $0.65 state tax)
Turtle Run Publishing
PO Box 267
Circle Pines, MN 55014
FAX - 612-784-4536

The Story of Ray Davis

By General Raymond G. Davis, USMC (Ret.)

General Davis has earned the Medal of Honor, the Navy Cross, two Distinguished Service Medals, two Silver Stars, two Legion of Merit, a Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, five Presidential Unit Citations, five Navy Unit Citations, fourteen Campaigns, and fourteen Foreign Awards.


Please consider making at least a
$25 purchase / donation for each book request.
NC residents add 6% sales tax.
Allow four weeks for delivery.

All proceeds of book purchases/donations go to American Legion Post #30, Lincolnton, North Carolina.

Each hardcover book will be personally autographed by General Davis with your desired inscription.


MasterCard, VISA, Discover, AmEx, and checks accepted.


Call or email John Turp
Quality Plans & Software, Inc.
2645 Devine Road
Iron Station, NC 28080

Tears of Blood

The Betrayal of America's Veterans

By Chuck Lawrence

"This is the first book of its kind that addresses the problems with the VA and the impact of Budget cuts to our Veteran programs."

--Chuck Lawrence, Author

"'Tears of Blood' is WELL WORTH the read; I JUST COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!"
--Yvonne Garrison, RN, USAF, VIETNAM VET, '67-'69

Editor's NOTE: The following are comments from people that have read the book and taken the time to land mail or email the author. The "VVHP" does not have permission to use their names at this time, but we want to place this book now for our viewers.

"Thanks for doing this. Finally someone has told my story. I know I am not alone. Thank you my Brother."
"IF, I mean 'if' I kept a dairy, which I didn't, I would swear you stole it and told my story. Thanks for stepping up and exposing the truth."
"The new book, 'Tears of Blood' by Chuck Lawrence, should be required reading for all veterans, all active forces, and friends and relatives that have veterans that are sick or being treated by the VA hospitals. If you are processing a claim through the VA, you should read this book immediately. The book covers Chuck's 10-year-plus ordeal getting his claim approved by the VA."
"I received your book and couldn't put it down. I hope every veteran, family member or friend reads this book."
"The frustrations echoed throughout your book comes through loud and clear."
"This book is must reading!!! Thank you very much, Chuck. I have never been so inspired in my life by anyone's story than I have been by yours."
"That was a helluva Book! Sad commentary on VA Policy, but the truth must be told. VA was and still is a primarily self-serving bureaucracy."
"I just read 'Tears of Blood!' It is compelling and a sad indictment of how our nation treats warriors who protect its freedoms."

Price: $19.95, plus
S&H: $3.50
TOTAL COST: $23.45
Payable to: Soaring Eagle Publishing
Soaring Eagle Publishing
PO Box 2536
Auburn, WA 98071-2536
E-Mail address: CY34@AOL.COM

Thrones of the Arrogant

By Patrick J. McGarvey

Pat McGarvey served in Vietnam with the U.S. Air Force and later with the CIA. His novel is a heady mix of fact and fiction. Be sure to read this excellent review:

Book Review

Pat can be reached at: McGoo@worldnet.att.net


Known Retail Price: $

Tim O'Brien

If you're not a Tim O'Brien fan, you may be soon. Check out the O'Brien Home Page for details on his many "Best Sellers."

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To Have and To Hold --

By John-Michael Hendrix

The beautiful story of how the author met and fell in love with an Army nurse and all the problems they encountered to be together and get married during war time. John was a helicoptor pilot shot down SEVEN times during his tour of Viet Nam and received several decorations.

Emeral City Publications
30528 Mountain Loop Highway
Granite Falls, Washington 98252

20th Century Anthology

By Brian Wizard

Five novels, a video documentary, and an eleven-song music CD, accompanied by a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Includes the "Will He Make It" Saga -- three of the novels and the amazing "Thunderhawk" video documentary, which is composed of actual combat footage found in the first novel, "Permission to Kill." This Saga was an official contender for the 1999 Pultizer Prize in Letters and is now a Nobel contender in Literature.

To order, access: http://www.brianwizard.com/

E-mail: books@brianwizard.com

Under a Flare-lit Sky: Vietnam Poems

By John Musgrave
Delta Co
lst Bn, 9th Marine Reg
3rd Marine Div

A must read! To preview some of John's work, access his Gallery right on this site in the "Remembrance" main section: "The Poems of John Musgrave."

COST: $7.00 Total, each copy

($6.00 per copy, plus $1.00 for postage and handling)


Coal City Review
English Department
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045

ISSN: 1062-5011

Copyright: August 1996

Unfriendly Fire

By Peg Mullen

A mother's story of her son's death in Vietnam and her rural Iowa family's fight to learn the truth. Her fight started with a phone call about her son's death over 25 years ago, and it's not over yet.

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Book Information

Book Orders

The War Comes Home

By Thomas Bass

Find out what it is like to be a child of the Vietnam War through the eyes of that generation, now coming of age. Visit the Vietnamerica Home Page for an excellent presentation, and don't forget to come "Back."

ISBN: 1-56947-050-2

Known Retail Price: $25 (hardback)

Immediate Orders: 1-800-631-8571

Internet Orders: Can be ordered on-line from a variety of sites, including www.amazon.com/

You can contact Thomas Bass via e-mail.

Vietnam Generation, Inc.

A not-for-profit corporation that publishes more Vietnam War Veterans than just about anybody. Also, lots of interesting materials on the "Sixties."

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Book Review

ISSN: 1042-7597

Individual Subscriptions: $40.00 (outside US, add $15 mail or $30 air mail)
Institutional Subscriptions: $75.00 (outside US, add $115 air mail)

Further Information: E-mail Kali Tal

Vietnam Military Lore

Legends, Shadows, and Heroes

Master Sergeant Ray Bows,
U.S. Army (retired)

The never-before-told, true stories of camps and compounds from the DMZ to the Mekong Delta...the lives and deeds of the men those now-forgotten places were named for...over 100 heroes...52 Chapters...1200 pages. Superbly written and documented.

Here is the story of Vietnam from the DMZ to the Delta -- From the Ho Chi Minh Trail to the South China Sea - From the death of the first American to lose his life in combat to the American buildup and escalation of the war - as told through the eyes, the words, and the deeds of those who did not return.

Book Reviews and other information

Ordering Information:

Bows and Sons Publishing
2055 Washington Street
Dept vv
Hanover, MA 02339

Vietnam War Literature: an annotated bibliography

By John Newman, et al.

ISBN: 0810831848


Scarecrow Press, 1996

Voices From Vietnam

By Charlene Edwards

Through powerful personal narratives and photographs, Voices From Vietnam revisits the emotions and experiences that have defined the lives of the men, women and children affected by this war—American and Vietnamese—on the battlefront and at home. It relays how extraordinary men and women who still carry with them the visible—and more often invisible—scars of war have sought to overcome the horrors of this experience and how it has transformed their lives.

Experience the personal reflections of yesterday's war with today's perspective in the words of General Westmoreland, Kim Phuc (the napalm girl), Cardinal O'Connor, Ambassador Le Van Bang, David Dellinger (the Chicago Seven) and many others in this unique, 264 page, beautifully designed 10 x10 coffee-table book. Voices From Vietnam not only includes 70 inspiring stories and over 170 captivating photographs taken during the war and some thirty years later, a chronology, map and index, but also an extensive resource guide of agencies providing support services to those American veterans, Vietnamese and Amerasians needing assistance in healing the wounds of war.

Author's web site

Author's email


By R. Dalton Buster

The first leg of a trilogy about Vietnam - a Marine's experience

ISBN: 0-9676532-0-7

COST: $20 PLUS $2 shipping/handling


R. Dalton Buster
165 P. Dunham Road
Edmonton, KY 42129

Email to Buster


By Fred Leo Brown

A soldier's story of his experiences in Vietnam.

ISBN: 0-94551-00-1

COST: $13.95 Total each ($10.95 per copy, plus $3.00 postage)


Lansing Veterans Memorial
PO Box 39
Palos Height, IL 60463

Phone: 708-361-1488
Fax: 708-361-9584

Email contact


By Art Giberson

A beautiful story....a beautiful book! The photographic documentation of the construction and outcome of the only permanent, Vietnam Veteran's Memorial "Wall" outside the nation's capital -- a replica of the black granite Wall, listing 58,217 American KIA and MIA -- located in Pensacola, FL.

Not one dime of taxpayer money is used for maintianing Veterans Park and WALL SOUTH. Every penny comes from donations and fund raising projects such as this book.

COST: $26.95 Total each ($24.95 per copy, plus $2.00 shipping and handling)


EMAIL contact with Art Giberson


But The Battle Rages On

(front cover / back cover)

By Ken Southworth

Ken Southworth was born and brought up in North Brookfield, Massachusetts. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1963, served one tour of duty in Korea from 1964 to 1965, and volunteered for Vietnam from 1965 to 1966. He served with B Co, 2nd Bn, 28th Infantry Div, as "A" Team automatic weapons team leader.

Ken was wounded three times: slightly wounded on 27 November, 1965; slightly wounded 15 January, 1966; and severely wounded 16 January, 1966. He spent more than six months in hospitals and was honorably discharged in September of 1966 due to the wounds received in Vietnam, ending what had been the hopes of a career in the military.

Ken graduated from the Cross Academy as a Hydaulics Engineer and worked for area companies until worsening health made it necessary for him to retire from the workforce in November of 1994. Ken is married to Susan; and they have two children -- daughter Christy and son Kevin.

Says Ken, "Reluctantly, I have decided to publish these works for others to read, analyze, experience, and maybe in some way get a better sense of the aftermath of combat, while at the same time benefit from them as I feel I have."

Price per book: $16.45 Total
($14.95 per book, plus $1.50 S&H)

Please make out your check or money order to: Ken Southworth

And, mail it to:

Ken Southworth
c/o C.O.S.
P.O.Box 265
Whitinsville, MA 01588

E-mail Ken in c/o: John Hayes


By Ernie Spencer

Limited stock of first edition copies are now available!


This is the book that LEATHERNECK magazine (June 1987) said is: "a joy to read...for those who served in Vietnam and have difficulty putting into words what it was like over there, Spencer replies for most....For those who recall only a handful of good books about Vietnam, here is another to add to the list."

ISBN 0-9618529-0-9

Cost: $28.00 Total each -- ($25 per copy, plus $3.00 S&H)

For an autographed copy, send check or money order payable to:

Ernie Spencer
458 Holiday Hills Dr.
Martinez, CA 94553

Or email Ernie using this automatic email form.

Where We Were In Vietnam

By Michael "M-60" Kelley

This book is THE Comprehensive, Definitive Guide to the Firebases, Military Installations and Naval Vessels of the Vietnam War - 1945-1975

The culmination of over seven years of research, it is the ultimate guide to the military geography of the American War in Vietnam and includes references to numerous battle sites and forts of the French War.

Its over 10,000 entries cover the entire Indochina theater, including Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and both North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

Each entry attempts to provide as much of the following as could be identified: name, grid coordinate, relative location, a.k.a. names, origin of name, dates built and dismantled, who constructed the base, major units occupying the base, dates of major attacks, unique features, alternate grids, province and military region.

Identified within the text are some 6,000 named firebases and LZs, over 2,000 airfields, and the names of over 700 US and ANZAC warships and contract vessels that served within the Vietnam Combat Zone.

Cover Price: $39.95 (call 1-800-228-2275)
May, 2002 release - ($29.95 if pre-ordered through 800-number)

Author contact at www.wherewewere.com

Why Didn't You Get Me Out?

By Frank Anton

Frank Anton was a POW in Vietnam for FIVE years, three of which were in the jungles in South Vietnam. For more information about Anton's book, please contact me by email at jallen@summitbooks.com

Thank you,
Jennifer Allen

The World, War, Freedom And More

By Del "Abe" Jones

A compilation of poetry put together during Desert Storm dedicated to Gulf War, Vietnam War, and all other Veterans. Includes several about Patriotic and Environmental issues as well as a couple about Native Americans. Available as e-book ($4.00) as well as paperback ($9.95 includes s&h) 50% of all profits from books sold from this site will be donated to The Military Order of the Purple Heart Association Service Foundation.

Del "Abe" Jones served in the United States Air Force, 1958-1961, 92nd Combat Defense Squadron, K-9 Corps, Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington. Although he did not serve during the war in Vietnam, he strongly identifies with those who did.

Jones has published three poetry books. He donated the profits from The World, War, Freedom, and More to the families of Tennessee National Guardsmen during Desert Storm. Visit his webpage for more of his poetry. A second printing of his second book, Moontides And Other Changes, is scheduled for release in the near future as well as being available in e-book format. In addition to having his work featured in newspapers, on radio, and tv Jones' poetry, POW/MIA and And, They Were There, Too, is carved in the Ellis County Veteran's Memorial in Waxahachie, Texas. See info and pictures of this wonderful monument HERE Jones also recited The Wall at the Vietnam Veterans Monument dedication in Orlando.

Today, Jones is a father of four and grandfather to eight who reside in Spokane, Washington. He continues to write poetry and tries to be successful as a song lyricist in White Bluff, (Nashville area) Tennessee.

Contact the author for ordering information.

Xin Loi, Vietnam

By Al Sever

Written from the viewpoint of a helicopter crewmember who served in 11 out of the 16 campaigns of the Vietnam War during his 31-month tour, Sever's historical document tells how his experiences melded together to produce some lessons on living and dying. Sever was in-country from the heavy combat days of 1968 to the days of moral and physical disintegration of our forces in 1972, serving from the Delta to the DMZ.

This is the book that Col. David Hackworth calls, "A must read by today's soldiers."

ISBN: 0-971429-62-6

Quiet Storm Publishing

Zero Dark Thirty

by Samuel Brantley

Unlike other branches of the military, the Marine Corps required some of its combat aviators in Vietnam to spend time doing forward air control duty on the ground, with the frontline troops. For Captain Sam Brantley, it was a harsh and horrific lesson in the realities of jungle warfare. The battle had always seemed somewhat distant to him, flying well-armed A4s hundreds of feet above the trees and paddies. But during the spring of the Tet Offensive, Brantley's war changed. What he would see and do in those seven months on the ground would change his life forever.

In the tradition of Michael Herr's award-winning Dispatches, Samuel Brantley breaks new ground in this edgy, irreverent memoir of a young man's evolution from a wide-eyed Marine aviation cadet dedicated to flying and serving his country, to a battle-weary veteran struggling to re-enter civilian life in post-Vietnam America. Along the way, Brantley treats his readers to a parallax view of war and the military-from the air, the ground, and the inside-out.

Price $15.95, 270 pages
ISBN: 1-55571-624-5

From Hellgate Press

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