I want to wish you a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!!!
And to share with you a CHRISTMAS POEM, written by Cpl.David Papineau,
USMC, B Co.1/3, Vietnam 67/68.
Just another Grunt!

Viet Nam Christmas 1967

As I sit and watch the fire, I think of Vietnam. Of another time, another place, Where the world had gone all wrong. Last year there was a Christmas, With food and gifts of cheer. In 'Nam I shared a bunker, With Marines and fighting gear. But Christmas there was richer Than most that I've had since, Cause my heart was stripped of tinsel, And my soul of happiness. All we had was one another, And a War we would not win. But there was hope for a tomorrow, And a love for life within. We sang songs about our Savior, With no choir or instruments. We lived to see another dawn, That was our Christmas gift. When our time of trial had ended, And we left that shattered land; Our souls were scared and wounded, With a pain few understand. But hidden in that dreadful night Was a light that would not die. The spark of life, the love of Christ, A Mother and a Child.

Copyright © 1996 David Papineau, All Rights Reserved
Once again Merry Christmas. Give ALL in your family a hug, and remember
in your prayers the families of those 58,000 plus named on the WALL........
God Bless You All !!!! SEMPER FI !!!!!
Once a Marine, Always a MARINE !!!!

Don Masztak...Dec 1996