Background information

In 1992 I was privileged to stand vigil at the "Moving Wall" with other members of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 49. During that watch we helped many visitors in locating friends and relatives on THE WALL. We had a personal computer with a program that aided us in that effort. While the program worked it was a "cold list" and lacked many features that would have made it more useable and appropriate for use at THE WALL. One of the other members of Chapter 49 asked if I could write "something better". "NAMES on THE WALL" is the result of that request. It is a far more appropriate presentation of those NAMES than any other software. It treats each NAME as the individual person that they are.

While there has been considerable time, effort and expense in developing "NAMES on THE WALL" it is not our intent to offer it for individual use for a profit (commercial, educational and governmental organizations:write for pricing). We are aware of other programs, some costing as much as $500, and some offered by commercial software houses but we feel that "NAMES on THE WALL" is the easiest to use, the most appropriate and certainly the least expensive. It is a "stand-alone" program which does not violate any copy protection or distribution laws, does not require any other program other than DOS and it will run under DOS, Windows and OS/2 (MAC?, Not at this time).

It is our intent to offer "NAMES on THE WALL" to any individual for the cost of the floppies and mailing. The number of floppies and hence the cost will depend on your PC. See order form for details. You will see within the program and on the order form that we would be happy to accept any contributions you would care to send. All of the contributions will be used by Chapter 49 in its continuing efforts to help those less fortunate. Without contributuions we only cover our costs!

Chuck Mangi
31 Dingee Road
South Salem, NY 10590-9803