Features of "NAMES on THE WALL"

  • Look up any name on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial or the Moving Wall.

  • Look up can be by last name only, last name generic (as Man* which will find Mangi, Mankin etc), last name and city, and state, and branch. Look up can also be by KIA date or within a range of dates.

  • Duplicate names are all displayed with branch, city and KIA/MIA date so that you may select your choice.

  • Once the name is found (and selected if a duplicate name) it is displayed on the screen with name and rank, city and state of record, KIA or MIA date and location on THE WALL.

  • If desired that information can be printed. The print will show the same data at the top of the page with a section at the bottom for a tracing. Surrounding the tracing are the words that appear on THE WALL itself at the top of panel 1 east and the bottom of panel 1 west.

  • Look up on a 486/33 PC with a good hard disk is under a second, on a 286/10 with a slow hard disk it is about 2 seconds.

  • Technical information:
    Tested under DOS 5.0, OS/2, and Windows 3.1 (will not install while OS/2 is running, run DOS for install). The author runs it under both DOS and Windows 3.1. There is no need for a mouse but a hard disk is required. You should plan on about 10 meg(it may need up to 15 meg during the installation procedure). The file itself is 9.1meg. It is organized in MS Professional Basic ISAM. The program was written in MS Professional Basic with the screens written in Crescent Software's "Quick Screen". Distribution compliments of PKWARE (thanks!). Will not run on a MAC!

    Chuck Mangi
    31 Dingee Road
    South Salem, NY 10590-9803