In-Country Women

This gallery is dedicated to the nine military nurses and sixty-one civilian women who died in Vietnam while serving their country. It is also dedicated to the only woman still listed as a POW/MIA, Dr. Eleanor Ardel Vietti.


By Karen Offutt

Karen served as a stenographer in Vietnam during the period 1969-1970.

"None Gave More"

"Top" Shultz dedicates this poem to the nurses of Vietnam.

"She Was There For Us"

A poem for the Nurses of Nam by "JungleVet" Robert W. Baird.

"A Nurse In Nam"

The Keynote Address given by Jean Youngstrom Diebolt when the Women's Memorial was in Austin, Texas

Jean was an Air Force nurse in Vietnam.

"Grunts Dream"

Sonny Hoffman's tribute to Col. Martha "Maggie" Raye.

"Rumors of War"

And other stories by Cathleen Cordova

Cathleen served with U.S. Army Special Services during the war in Vietnam.

"Message at The Wall"

By Jeanie Hasenbeck

Jeanie served in Vietnam, 1968-1969. Jeanie was with the American Red Cross, Service to Military Hospitals (SMH) Program.

"Playing Games"

By Nancy Smoyer

Nancy served with the American Red Cross as a "Donut Dollie."

"Pieces of the Wall"

Nancy's observations of the magic of The Wall as a Park Service volunteer.

"Vietnam -- 1 Year + 25"

Powerful insight and writing by Nancy -- a must read!

"Donut Dollies"

By Ken Willis

A salute to Nancy and to all of the Red Cross "Donut Dollies" who served in Vietnam.

The Writing of Ann Kelsey

Ann Kelsey served with the Army Special Services in Vietnam and provided the list linked at the top of this Page of the Women who were killed in country. Ann has several very interesting return-trip reports to Nam in the Gallery, "Visits to Vietnam."

Pictures of the Vietnam Women's Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Thanks For The Memories

By Benson Rose

Pictures of the Dedication and Parade for the Vietnam Women's Memorial and photos of "The Wall" on Memorial Day 1992. There is also a wonderful photo of Arlington Cemetery.

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