Doc Sellers in Quang Tri 
February 1968

Doc Sellers joined 3rd Recon Battalion in December of 1967 and was assigned to Delta Company. He moved with the battalion to Quang Tri during January of 1968.

Doc was a member of Delta Company Reconnaissance Teams HUNGARIAN and DALLAS GIRL . He was medevac'd on 5 April 1968 following contact with the NVA on Dong Ma Mountain.

Doc is looking for any remaining members of DALLAS GIRL and other Corpsmen from 3rd Recon Battalion. He can be contacted at using this automatic email form.


Doc's Story of DALLAS GIRL 
and a tribute to the team

Pictures of the Dallas Girl Site

This gallery contains several pictures taken by Lt. Bruce Wilson, E Company who led a four man patrol up to the site to try and locate Lt. Don Matocha' remains.

 These pictures were taken on an overflight prior to the recovery attempt. Lt. Wilson's patrol was ambushed on approaching the site and they took several casualties and were forced to withdraw. Bruce Wilson will be writing more on this patrol later on.
Some pictures from Doc's collection are below

 Picture 1 Picture of Doc Sellers at Quang Tri

Picture 2  Same picture but with larger view

Picture 3  Doc Sellers dressed like a sailor (not a Marine corpsman)

Picture 4  Field Medical School at Camp Pendleton emblem

the plaque  Delta Company plaque, wood carving commissioned by Doc Sellers in Quang Tri

larger version of the plaque