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Many thanks for Dr. Fish and John Tegtmeier for compiling this list.

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James P. "Bull" Durham.  Bull Durham's Songs of SACk, 1963.
          (Cassette, $10.00). Ten songs about SAC in the Vietnam era
--------  Bull Durham's Songs of S.E.A., 1971.
          (Cassette, $10.00).  Twelve songs collected during his Vietnam tour
     of duty
          James P. Durham
          PO Box 10
          Halls TN 38040
Bill Ellis.  First Cav: Impressions of a Skytrooper  First Team Productions,
     1969, 1982.
          (EP record, $5.00) Four songs about the First Cav
          Bill Ellis
          23298 Lone Pine Drive
          Auburn CA 95602
C.W. Getz.  Songs of the Air Force  The Redwood Press, 1986.
          (Cassette, $8.98).  Twenty songs ranging from World War I to
          C. W. Getz
          105 Braemar Drive
          Hillsborough CA 94010
High Priced Help (also known as Three Majors and a Minor)
          A quartet of Army aviators of the 174th AHC recorded in country in
     1967 (Cassette, $12.00, including S&H)
          Marty Heuer
          5402 Beaumont Center
          Suite 102
          Tampa FL 33634
In Country.  Saul Broudy, Chip Dockery, Bull Durham, Bill Ellis, Toby Hughes,
     Dick Jonas, Chuck Rosenberg.  Flying Fish Records, 1991.
          (CD, 16.00; cassette, 10.00). 28 songs by Americans in the Vietnam
     War, recorded in Chicago in the summer of 1991.  For more information
     about this recording contact:
          Lydia Fish
          Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project
          Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Avenue
          Buffalo NY 14222
Dick Jonas.  FSH-Volume 1.   Erosonic, 1985.  (Cassette, $10.00)
          Ten Vietnam fighter pilot songs
------ FSH-Volume 2.  Erosonic, n.d.  (Cassette, $10.00)
          Ten Vietnam fighter pilot songs
------ Two Sides of Dick Jonas.  Erosonic, n.d.  (Cassette, $10.00)
          Five Vietnam fighter pilot songs, five other songs
------ Tape Four.  Erosonic, n.d.  (Cassette, $10.00)
          Ten songs from post-war period
          Dick Jonas
          2001 Mountain View Glen
          Ft. Mojave AZ 86426