Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project

An extensive bibliography of books, stories, songs, poems and other Vietnam Veteran-related resource materials collected and published by Dr. Lydia Fish. For more information on the VV Oral History Project click Here.

Vietnam War Bibliography

Dr. Ed Moise has contributed a very comprehensive bibliography on writings on Vietnam and the War. This is an outstanding resource for understanding the background and prosecution of the War.

Additional Recommended Reading List

Another excellent list of reading materials for the student of the Vietnam conflict, created by John R. Tegtmeier, moderator of the UseNet Group soc.history.war.vietnam.

Ann Kelsey's Book List

Selected titles in Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry.

Women In War Bibliography

From Marilyn Knapp Litt's Home Page

Archive of the Vietnam Conflict At Texas Tech

The Archive of the Vietnam Conflict at Texas Tech University is dedicated to collecting, housing and preserving material related to the nation's Vietnam experience. The Archive, in its sixth year of operation, is located on the third floor of the TTU Library in the Special Collections area.

"Riverine Operations"

A list of books related to the U.S. Navy and their Riverine Ops in Vietnam. Provided by VerKuilen Ager

Fifty Books on the Vietnam War

A listing of fifty popular books from the Usenet Newsgroup "soc.history.war.vietnam"

Dr. Grover Furr's page on Vietnam Hist and Resources

Miscellaneous Book and Resource Link

A site offering a listing of Vietnam books (fiction, nonfiction, women's experiences, etc) as well as films and other resource links.

War, Literature, and the Arts

Also check out All about Vietnam - Books for sale online

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