The Highground Veterans Memorial

The following information was provided by Chris Wachtendonk. Chris works for the Highground Veterans Memorial.

The concept for the Highground was developed by a small group of Vietnam Veterans who mobilized many thousands of people to support their effort to build a tribute to Vietnam Veterans ln the state of Wisconsin. It was their mission to establish a place of peace and healing where the education would continue about the human cost of war, not the glorification of war itself. To that end the Highground was built in a rural setting, therefore never being lost to the crush of the city, and was placed in this rural setting because the back drop to the Vietnam Tribute is a natural landscaping of one-half million acres.

Since 1988 the following living tributes were built and dedicated. The Earthen Dove Effigy Mound which honors all POW-MIA and their families . The dove rests on the western hillside of The Highground. The Gold Star was created by the planting of juniper and gold bark pine and rests on the eastern hillside and honors all the families.

Shortly after the original dedication the Board of Directors expanded the vision of The Highground to include and honor all veterans of the 20th Century. In 1992 we dedicated the "Doughboy" statue which recognizes veterans of WWI and the tribute known as the "Nurse" honoring all women who have served our country. ln 1993, the WWII Globe was dedicated and our future will bring tributes honoring Korean and Gulf War Veterans.

Currently we are working on the construction of the National Native American Vietnam Veteralls Memorial which will be in direct alignment wlth the Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans Statue.

We also publish The Highground magazine which has has become a reflection of the spirit of the memorial itself.

While many thousands of people from Wisconsin, the United States and the World have come to the site, there are so still thousands and thousands of people who do not know of its existence. We have many events scheduled throughout the year, the magazine, and would like to start to inform those on the internet through this home page and others.

The Highground is a non-profit organization and has grown because so many have been willing to do so much.

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Pictures in and around The Highground Veterans Memorial

Several of these pictures were scanned from The Highground Magazine

The Vietnam Veterans Statue

A Close up of the Vietnam Veterans Statue

the "Nurse" from The Highground Magazine

The Earthen Dove Effigy Mound

Map and directions to reach The Highground Veterans Memorial

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