Vietnam Veterans Memorials Around The World

This Gallery contains pictures, stories, and information about Memorials to Vietnam Veterans in the United States and elsewhere. Our goal is to build a separate Gallery for each and every Memorial.

We are in need of information (history, dedication, location, etc.) and photos of these Memorials and depend on our viewers to supply those in their areas, as we have no funds or way to travel to or know about each one.

Please contact the Squad Leader for this section, Bill McBride, at: if you can help.

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"The Wall"

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial; Washington, D.C.

"The Moving Wall"

Three, half-scale replicas of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in D.C. travel around the country, spending about six days at each site and sponsored by a local organization.

Alphabetical Listing by State or Country:


The Alabama Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in Mobile, Alabama.

Includes a wonderful history and outstanding photos.


The Arkansas State Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Photos and background contributed by Andy Richmond.


The Australian Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in Canberra, Australia.

"Roll of Honour"

Australian casualties of the Vietnam War.

Background information by Shane Fontana. Photograph provided by Bruce Johnson.


The Long Beach Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in Long Beach, California.

This Memorial was dedicated on Veterans Day, November 11, 2000.

Thanks to Max Stewart for providing the picture and information

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in Berkeley, California.

This page is an outstanding example of the power of the Web to convey a powerful and emotional message to viewers throughout the world. Thanks to "Country Joe McDonald" for his support of the Memorial and to Web designer Malcolm Humes.

A "moving" Memorial to the Vietnam POWs/MIAs

A 1955 Chevy racing car painted as a tribute to those still missing in Vietnam.

Built and raced by Max Loffgren of Fairfield, California.

The Porterville Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in Porterville, California.

Includes a personal tribute to Corporal Stephen E. Austin, USMC, KIA 6/8/68, by his brother, Allen.

The State of California Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in Sacramento, California.

Pictures and description provided by Veteran Ron Fulks.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in Salinas, California.

Photos provided by Peter Young.


Mural painted by Dan Lessard to honour Canadian Vietnam Veterans

"The North Wall"

The Canadian Vietnam Veterans Memorial located in Windsor, Ontario. This is a very nice set of photographs of the dedication ceremony.

For more information, visit the

Canadian Vietnam Veterans Gallery.


Vietnam Veterans Memorial Trinidad, Colorado

This photo was sent in by Wim van Wegen, a Dutch Marine ('70/'72) . We are looking for more information and pictures of this memorial.


Connecticut Vietnam Veterans Memorials

Pictures and descriptions of Memorials in Danbury, Granby, and Plainville. Links are provided for Memorials in New Fairfield.

Contributions by James J. Mangi.

Links to sites created by Thomas Monahan.


"The Wall South"

The Pensacola Florida Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

The information and pictures for this beautiful Memorial were provided by Art Giberson and Scott Hallford.


Illinois Vietnam Veterans Memorial located in Springfield, Illinois and an earlier description

Thanks to Dennis Guernsey and Larry Gillespie for providing this information

Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Calumet City Illinois.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Lansing Illinois

Thanks to Michael "Doc" Klaff for providing the information on these two memorials.

The Buffalo Grove Veterans Memorial

Located in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

Memorial Page compliments of:

"Wishbone" at VFW Post7879.

The Illinois Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located at Springfield, Illinois.

The information and pictures were provided by Dennis Eveland.


Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park in Munster Indiana

Thanks to Bill Schulte, Vietnam Veteran, for providing the pictures and other information.


The Kansas Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in Junction City, Kansas.

Photographs and information provided by Jo Ann Wahrman and Don Melella.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

On the campus of Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, honoring the 26 Washburn University students who were killed in Vietnam.

Provided by Bill Schultz, USMC, Vietnam Vet.


The Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Photographs by Stephen "Rags" Ragle.

Link to Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial Page provided by Lon Whitson


The Maryland Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in Middle Branch Park; Baltimore, Maryland.

Submitted by Jim Gerity.


The Dorchester, Massachusetts, Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Photographs provided by Stephen Guilmet, USMC.

The South Boston Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in South Boston, Massachusetts.

Background and photographs by 2nd Lieutenant Jason M. Pratt, USMC, and Stephen Guilmet.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Photographs and background provided by David Perkins, USMC.


The Monroe County, Michigan Vietnam Veterans Memorial The memorial is in located at Heck Park in Monroe, Michigan. The park is named in honor of Captain Norman "Rusty" W. Heck, Jr.

Information and pictures provided by Glenn Podhola, VVA Chapter 142, Monroe, Michigan .

The Michigan Vietnam Memorial

Located in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Information provided by Jim Jennings, Memorial Historian.


The Minnesota Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located just south of the State Capitol in St. Paul.

A very moving epitaph on this Memorial!


Ocean Springs Mississippi Memorial will be added soon


Visit Vietnam Veterans Memorials in Missouri. Photos and Narratives contributed by Michele Viehman.

The Franklin County Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in St. Clair, Missouri.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

In Wentzville, Missouri.


The Montana State Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in Billings, Montana.

Pictures provided by Bob Dilley


The New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in Holmdel, New Jersey.

Pictures and description provided by Michael E. Newland.


"Angel Fire"

The Vietnam Veterans National Memorial in Angel Fire, New Mexico.

Stories by Steve Stickley, Ed St. Clair, John Rossie, Michael "V-man" Viehman, Dennis Koho,and Jim Belshaw, with the song, "Angel Fire," written by Mary Garvey.

Photographs contributed by Steve Stickley, Ed Miller, and John Rossie.

Farmington, New Mexico

A beautiful Memorial honoring Vietnam Veterans from the Four-Corners area.

Photos and descriptions by Vietnam Veteran, Roy Donan.


New York Vietnam Veterans Memorials

Pictures and stories of Vietnam Veterans Memorials in New York State.

Currently, there is an article on the memorial to PFC Garfield Langhorn in Riverhead, NY, pictures and information on the Hadley Memorial, pictures and background information on the Westchester County Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Lasdon Park, and links to Web Pages honoring the Rosedale, NYC and Rensselaer County Vietnam Veterans Memorials.

Contributions by Barbaraellen Koch, Michele Viehman, Howard Berg, Jim Davey, Jack Cunningham, and Robert Fickies.


The New Zealand "Roll of Honour"

Lists New Zealand Services Personnel and civilians who were killed while serving their country in Vietnam. This list includes one who served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Information provided by Allan Grayling.


North Carolina Vietnam Veterans Memorials and Parks.

Contains pictures and stories of several Vietnam Veterans Memorials in North Carolina.

Contributed by Douglas Maston.

82nd Airborne Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

Thanks to Dave Shively for providing the images and text and to Ron Fulks for doing the formatting and letting the VVHP know this data existed.


Medina County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Medina, Ohio

Thanks to Jason McCourt for submitting this information (20 July 2002)


Lawton Oklahoma Vietnam Veterans Memorial Lawton, Oklahoma

Thanks to Terry Quisenberry, Sr, VAA Chapter #751 for submitting this information (9 March 03)


Oregon Vietnam Veterans Memorial Portland, Oregon

Thanks to Joe Kavale and Doug Bomarito for submitting this information (20 July 03)


Lehigh-Northhampton Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Macungie, Pennsylvania

Thanks to Larry Deibert for submitting the memorial book and pictures. (23 Dec 00)

Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Thanks to John J. Buleza for submitting this information and pictures.

Washington County, Pennsylvania Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Thanks to Todd Ashmore for submitting this.

The Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Thanks to Janie Garvey and Steve Robbins for bringing this Memorial to our attention and compiling the material and to Ray Argabright for creating the Pages on our Site for this Memorial.

The Philadelphia Memorial is under heavy construction. Some of the links will not work yet.

The Pittsburgh Memorial

The Pittsburgh Vietnam Memorial Web Page is dedicated to veterans of all eras and provided by members of the 15th Artillery Association.


Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorials

Pictures and background on Memorials in Midland, San Antonio, and Big Spring, Texas, provided by Steve Dennis, Gil Dominguez, and Bill McBride.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial at San Angelo, TX

Pictures contributed by Bruce McKinney


Utah Vietnam Veterans Memorials

Pictures, articles, and other information provided by Walter Jones, University of Utah Library.


Vermont Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Work in progress, several pictures loaded, background to follow.


Veterans Memorials in Vietnam

This gallery contains Veterans Memorials in the Country of Vietnam. Contributions by Joe Conte, Andi McKenna, and Terry Anderson.


The Piedmont Area Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in Culpeper, Virginia

This gallery is dedicated to all of our living veterans and the 19 men KIA whose names are on our Memorial. Text supplied by Sam Thompson, President, Piedmont Chapter #752, VVA; and pictures supplied by Donna Judy Lathe, AVVA.

Virginia's Vietnam War Monument

Located in Huntington Park; Newport News, Virginia

The URL was provided by Terry Wood.


"Vietnam Veterans Memorial located in Logan, West Virginia
Link to the West Virginia State Veterans Memorial in Charleston

Picture and Links provided by Letha Butcher


"The Highground" Veterans Memorial

Located in Neillsville, Wisconsin.

Background and pictures provided by Andi McKenna and Chris Wachtendonk.


Vietnam Memorial in Cody, Wyoming

Photo sent by Michael "Doc" Lerp.

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