Vermont Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The first government sanctioned Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the nation was dedicated at 10:30 a.m. on October 30, 1982 at the Northbound rest area on Interstate 89, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway, in Sharon Vermont. An all-night vigil has been held at the memorial on Memorial Day eve every year since the dedication.

The site for the Vermont Vietnam Veterans Memorial (VVVM) was chosen for several reasons. Interstate 89 was named the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway because the summer scenery closely resembles that of Highway One in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The site for the VVVM was selected to be along the highway as a joint symbol of recognition of the highway's name and familiarity to Highway One in Vietnam. Interstate 89 was the highway taken by draft evaders as the most direct route into Canada and so stands as the "road less travelled" by Vietnam veterans. The location of the VVVM is closest to the 138 mile marker from the Canadian border, symbolizing the 138 men whose names appear on the Vermont granite.

Vermont Honors Vietnam Casualties(added 24 September 1996)

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Listing of Vermont Vietnam War Casualties