"The Wall"

The National Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

This gallery contains pictures and stories of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Known simply as "The Wall," this monument is one of the most visited sites in the city of Washington.

After watching the film "The Deer Hunter" in 1979, Vietnam Veteran Jan C. Scruggs first conceived of the idea for a Vietnam Veterans Memorial. A Yale architectural student, Maya Lin, submitted the winning design.

"The Wall" was built in Constitution Gardens in Washington, D.C., through private donations from the public, and dedicated in 1982.

This Gallery also contains images and text about the Vietnam Women's Memorial that stands near "The Wall" and honors the military and civilian women who served and sacrificed during the Vietnam War. Some of their names are with their brothers' on "The Wall."

Diane Carlson Evans, RN, is the founder of this Memorial project. She served in the Army Nurse Corps from 1966 to 1972 and was in Vietnam from 1968-69. The sculptor is Glenna Goodacre, who created the Women's Memorial in bronze.

The Vietnam Women's Memorial was dedicated over Veterans Day weekend of November 10-12, 1993.

"Visit Remembered" by Judith Patton Flynn

"The Wall" by Catherine Anne McNeill

"The Power of A Name" by Valerie

Valerie is an 8th grade student at The Castilleja School in Palo Alto, California. She wrote this story following a visit to The Wall by her class. This is beautiful writing by a thirteen year old girl who felt the power of a name.

"The Wall" by Kelly A. Dobos

Why I wrote this

Thanks For The Memories

By Benson Rose

Pictures of the Dedication and Parade for the Vietnam Women's Memorial and photos of "The Wall" on Memorial Day 1992. There is also a wonderful photo of Arlington Cemetery.

In Memory Of Michael Alan McAninch

By Joan McAninch Samuelson

"Guardians of the Wall"

By Ragen Mendenhall


By Dodie Anne Hecker

"My First"

By R. Kevin Eide

"Visit To the Wall"

A Poem by Michael S. Viehman.

Hunger of the Heart

Here are five of the pictures from Larry Powell's book, "Hunger of the Heart: A Communion at the Wall."

Larry, a Vietnam veteran, has spent eight years at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial documenting those who come and the gifts they bring. His photographs are valuable and rich because he preserves the environment in which the gifts are recorded ... The Wall, the people, the gifts are one.

"Edges of The Wall"

By Tim Trask

Some very interesting and little known facts about The Wall.

"A November Trip to Washington D.C."

A poem by Tim Patterson

"Time Traveler"

By David C. Perkins

David was a Marine in Vietnam.

"Letter to a Wall"

By Racheline Maltese

"The Wall"

A story by Rachel Williams

"The Wall" is a beautiful tribute to Rachel's Uncle and others who died during the Vietnam War.

"First Visit"

A poem by Marine Veteran Stephen R. Guilmet

"Meet Me at The Wall"

A tribute written by Veteran David Regenthal prior to his second visit to The Wall in 1992. David also has a story about Long Range Recon Patrol (LRRP) actions in:

"January 24th, 1969"

Photographs of The Wall and Area

Contributed by Veterans and friends, this Gallery also contain some photos of "The Vietnam Women's Memorial."

"Names on The Wall"

Information about Chuck Mangi's computer program which lists all the names on The Wall, along with other information. Includes ordering information and a downloadable demonstration program.

Pieces of the Wall

Nancy's moving observations as a Park Service volunteer of the magic of the Wall.

Other tributes and pictures of The Wall can be found in the "Remembrance" Main Section of this Site.

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