Closing Comments

Angel Fire Gathering
Sunday - June 4, 1995

This group has the unique fortune of being part of a very special family -- a family that, on the surface, is bound together by the technology of electronic communications. But at its basis, it is a family that shares the common experience of having lived through a particular time in history that challenged our moral fiber and our very reason for being -- and we have dared to ask "why??"

As we each discover our own unique answer to that question, we have both a duty and a means to share it, offering bits and pieces of some ultimate truth to those others among us who still wait in anguish for their own answers and understanding. We are indeed fortunate to be part of such a caring family.

That is why we have gathered together here at angel fire -- to share and to help one another. And to remember those who gave up their very lives so that we might stand here today and honor them -- just as we honor ourselves and one another -- and hopefully move one step closer to understanding "why??"

I feel certain that whatever transcendent power that is has implanted a small spark of itself within each one of us. We can choose to deny it; to hide ourselves from it; to wall it off and stuff it into some dark corner of our souls, where it will simply continue to on burning unattended. Many of us have done that from time to time.

Or we can choose to call upon the healing powers of that flame -- to soothe and cure ourselves -- and ultimately to share that healing with others.

Such is the power of this family. I would like to thank each of you for sharing yourselves with the rest of us.

Copyright , June, 1995
John Paul Rossie