Opening Comments

Angel Fire Gathering
Saturday - June 3, 1995

Our purpose here this morning is to honor the fallen warriors. That is the purpose of this Chapel....and that is the purpose of this memorial here at Angel Fire.

I would never be so presumptuous as to claim knowledge of the purpose of life, any more than knowing the purpose of death.

However, it is my opinion that there is a higher cause - a defined plan - which the life and death of every individual somehow follows.

This morning we are not here to question the purpose. We are here to acknowledge and to pay tribute to the fact. And in doing to, we must remember that the sights and sounds of the past are not here to haunt us - they are here to set us free. To help us realize that the reality of today will soon become the past - and that we are free to take from the present whatever elements we wish - to be part of our future. That was true 25 years ago just as it is true today....and will be tomorrow. I only wish I was as aware of that fact 25 years ago as I am now.

It is time to pop smoke for a pick-up - and the smoke will carry our thoughts and prayers into the wind.

As we place the photographs of the fallen warriors in their place of honor, we will read a short biography provided for each individual. Anyone wishing to volunteer for the honor of reading one of the biographies, or to post one of the pictures please join that activity by assisting either Mike Peters or Linda Vaughn. Following that, there are some additional memorials that will be read by various individuals.

Copyright June, 1995
John Paul Rossie