The Navy Cross

Image courtesy of Lordship Industries

"Members of the Third Reconnaissance Battalion were awarded four Medals of Honor, thirteen Navy Crosses, and seventy-two Silver Stars during the battalion's four and a half years in Vietnam." Never Without Heroes: Marine Third Reconnaissance Battalion in Vietnam, 1965-70. Lawrence C. Vetter, Jr.

These are the citations accompanying award of the Navy Cross.

Alpha Company

Corporal Bryant C. Collins

Lance Corporal Manuel A. Estrada

Corporal Steven D. Lopez

Corporal Roger D. See

Sergeant James N. Tycz

Bravo Company

Corporal Robert C. Barnes

Corporal Charles W. Bryan

Sergeant Jose G. Lopez

Charlie Company

Corporal Steven M. Lowery

Lance Corporal Norman W. Vancor

First Force

Staff Sergeant Billy D. Donaldson

Third Force

Corporal Harry J. Corsetti

Private James E. Honeycutt

3rd Recon