Officially Opened on Veteran's Day, November 11, 2000

"When in Nam, I was attached to the 32nd Naval Construction Regiment -- a small command consisting of 32 guys on the average. We oversaw the construction done by 6 to 8 battalions deployed to different parts of the Northern I Corps. We were respnsible for all construction from Danang to the DMZ.

"With the help of the Marines, we provided security on most of these projects. Spent 67 days up at Khe Sahn trying to do the impossible mission of keeping the airstrip open.

"Well, that's a brief history. Just wanted you guys to know more about me. I'm building a web page, but I'm not good at this stuff. Give me a PRC-25, and I could call in an airstrike like a mother; but explain transloading to me, and my mind wanders. LOL.

"There are lots of Seabee stuff out there -- just stay on it, and hit all the links. Be patient. Here are some contacts:
Seabee Historical Foundation

"Also, hit your search engine for Seabees; and you will come across, in your travels, 'Seabee Cook' -- a good message board.

"For records and reissue of medals, you need a form 'Request for Records.' Try a Vet post, DAV, VFW, etc., or the VA. Good luck in your search.

"CAN DO never quits."

Jim Higgins, (aka Bagger)
SEABEE Vietnam Veteran
"CLASS OF '68-'69"

E-mail contact at: Jim Higgins

"My name is Robert A. Turner; and I'm a veteran of WW II, Serial No. 5770207, outfit called CBD 1059. We were on Guam as Baker 3/c during the war but lost contact after we were discharged in June of 1946. Any information concerning anyone in CBD 1059 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks."

Robert A. Turner

Officers of the Vietnam Era Seabees

President ...... Bruce MacDougall (NMCB-40)
Vice President ...... John Carney (NMCB-6)
Treasurer & Secretary ...... Curt Tamminga (NMCB-121)
Historian & Newsletter ...... David W. Schill (CBMU-301 & CBMU-302)
Membership ...... Vincent Monti (NMCB-10 & NMCB-8)
Publicity ...... Ken Bingham (NMCB-8)
Recruiting ...... Dutch Van Tassel (NACB-1 & NMCB-11)

Web Site:

"My name is John 'Roundman' Carney (MCB-6). I'm Vice-President of the Viet Nam Era Seabees. This is our ad:

"Calling All:

P.O. BOX 36781
RICHMOND, VA 23235-8016

"Please help us in getting the 'Word Out' to our Brother Bees."

John 'Roundman' Carney

EDitor's Note: To apply for membership, please use John's automatic E-mail form above for information.


David W. Schill,
Senior Chief Builder (E8)
USNR, Still serving...32 years 5 months 16 days --
(as of November 2000)
US Navy Seabees
Vietnam 1970 & 1971


David W. Schill
Newsletter Editor & Historian
Vietnam Era Seabees
PO Box 36781
Richmond, VA 23235

EDitor's Note: To subscribe to and submit information to the "Vietnam Era Seabees" Newsletter, please contact David using the automatic E-mail form above. The Newsletter lists "Coming Events & Reunions," New Members, SEABEE News, and more. There is also a hard-copy "Membership Application" included.

"My name is Paul Curry, and I was stationed at Danang from November 1967 to June 1968. I was with the Navy Seabees as a craneoperator at A.S.P. 1."

Paul Curry

"Any news, information, images are welcome on the cbmu301 site. Please e-mail them to me. or "

Dennis Woytek
(CBMU301 69-70)

Bob Civitello

"I volunteered to burn the shitters. I have plenty of experience, and I only caused one fire. Just the canvas blinds."

Mike Howard served as a proud member of the U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion or "Seabee" in Vietnam. Read his story "Generator Watch."

You can E-mail Mike at: Michael F. Howard

"I was in the SEABEES (MCB 62), years '66-'67-'68, and would very much like to know how to find information on the Navy SEABEES and also get in contact with any fellow SEABEES. Is there a way to obtain the medals that we did not get and maybe any albums or memorabilia, etc.?"

Thank you,

E-mail: Guerry Stewart

MCB 3 Alpha Company for 2 tours in I Corps, 1st Chu Lai then Hue/Phu Bai 1966 - 1968.

My Father, Frank J. O'Brien, was with the 96th C.B. in the Philippines and was killed in action in early 1945. I would love nothing more than to see if any of his old mates are still around and how I might find them. Any bit of information would be helpful. I still have his dog tags with ID Number.

Thank you in advance,
Frank J. O'Brien

NMCB-8 the "8" ball 63-66 "A" Co. Viet Nam Vet 64-66.

Strawberry Valley, Rhode Island
Special Warfare School
Guerilla Warfare School

Kingsville, Texas

Davisville, RI

Rota, Spain

Steel Pike 1

Camp Le juine

Marble Mtn, Viet Nam

Happy Valley

Red Beach

Hill 327


My name is Harold Sherrill from Hiddenite, NC. I served with Navy Seabees in MCB 62 from 1966 thru 1968 as a construction equipment mechanic. I really enjoy finding others who served with good ole MCB 62. I have lost contact with all but one guy in NJ, also a mechanic. Also, I got to check out the south pole for a few months when I did not reinlist! Was at McMurdo station Antarctica from late December 1968 until late March 1969. I met all branches of service there. Hope to run across a few.

Harold Sherrill

CBMU 302, NAVCAT 9, RVN 70-71

Also, I am a charter member of the first VVA Chapter in Alaska -- No. 891! We are located in the Mat-Su Valley about 50 miles north of Anchorage. Our Website has more information about us:

Jim Kendall

Looking for pictures and items of memory to be added to my CBMU 301 collection at:

I am looking for any history statement for CBMU 301 after 1969 ... when did it leave Dong Ha, Quang Tri, list of all Commanding Officers ... decommissioned?

Also our CBMU 301 Yahoo Group is at:

Art Moore

It took my wife moons to create this image, and I am most proud of it.

Jim Higgins (aka Bagger)

To be included in this Page, please email: Deanna Shlee Hopkins.

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