Sonny Hoffman's Picture Album

This album contains pictures taken by Sonny Hoffman and others prior to, during, and after his tour in Vietnam. Some of these pictures are also linked into his stories and prose poems in "Sonny's Reflections"

Many of the smaller pictures are "linked" to a larger version. Click within the border of the picture, or on the highlighted text to view the larger version.


This will be used in a Story on John R. Jones

The "Yards"

This will be used in "Mountain People"

The Band

This will be used in a story about Sonny's Band


Sonny composing a letter

After the Accident

Sonny in Hawaii

The Fastest Car in the World

This will be the subject of a future story

The Killer

Sonny during a break in SF Training

Airborne !

This will be used in "A Devil in Baggy Pants"

Vietnam from the Air

"Know your Enemy" area

More Troops

Sonny with local troops

The Bunker

Sonny on Security Duty

In The Hootch

Sonny in his hootch in Vietnam

Outside the Hootch

This will be used in "The Toughening"

Sonny and Friends

On a bunker at A504

Outside the Hootch #2

Another shot of Sonny outside the hootch in VN