Maps and Photos of HILL 882

The A Shau Valley, VN
Apr - Sept 1970

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A sketch map of the A Shau Valley from "Infantry Magazine."

A map showing the AO during the beginning of OP Texas Star.

Here is our unit strength when we were hit. Bravo Co. (my unit) was the only one engaged with the Sapper Co., and it looks like we were highly outgunned. Chalk one up for the good guys.

2/506th Inf Combat Assaulting from Bastonge, April 1970.

A photo of the actual combat assault. The river is the Song Bo.

Here is another shot taken a lower dpi. This is the actual combat assault to the top of Hill 882. It was during approach, and I can't be sure if it is the Song Bo or not. I think we're over FSB Cannon, and Hill 882 was one klick to the north. At that time, in early May 1970, the NVA division was moving into position to attack Ripcord.

Official casualities for the 101st Abn for the entire operation. Also included are medals awarded during that period.

This is some declassified material obtained from the National Archives concerning the battle.

A crashed Cobra pilot being rescued during Op Texas Star.

This is a small photo of the Checkmate TOC relay at FSB Bastonge, April 1970.

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