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Map of Vietnam

This map is a small scale map of the country of Vietnam

NEW LINK! Maps for an Historical Perspective of Vietnam

NOTE: If you're looking for a map scan of your old AO (Area of Operation) and if you've got the coord's or grids, drop us a note and we'll see if we can dig something up for you!

The following maps were scanned from tactical maps. They are in compressed .jpg or .gif format. The source maps were 1:50K or 1:250K (JOG). The files are quite large and the file sizes are indicated. You may want to transfer them to your system disk before viewing. These maps were provided by Robert Edison and Dave Demsey.

Map of Quang Tri Province(40K)

NE I-Corps: DMZ-Dong Ha-Cam Lo-Quang Tri (318K)

NW I-Corps: DMZ- Laos - Cam Lo (639K)

NE I-Corps: DMZ - Cua Viet 1:50K (315K)

NE I-Corps: Dong Ha to West 1:50K (large)(795K)

Topographical Map of Quang Tri Province(47K)

"Party Line One." Area of Bill McBride's reconnaissance patrol into the A Shau Valley during August of 1967. The area is shown on 1:50,000 map provided by Dave Demsey. This .jpg file is 1.8 MBytes. You might want to download it to your disk before viewing it.

An Aeronautical Chart showing the northern I Corps area of Vietnam. Includes Hue, Quang Tri, The A Shau Valley, Khe Sahn, and a lot of the LZs and Firebases.

Satellite Imagery of the A Shau Valley in Vietnam. This was NASA imagery taken from the Space Shuttle.

Aerial Photographs of certain areas of Vietnam are linked from this page.

The following link contains a high resolution tactical map of the area around Hue. This map will be linked to the "Cakewalk" story in the Remembrance Section. The file is large and requires an external viewer. Loading time can take several minutes.

Tactical Maps of Vietnam, Vicinity of Hue

The following contains three versions of a high resolution tactical map of the area west of Nha Trang (specifically the SF A Detachment at Thon Khanh Thanh). The maps in this section will be linked to several of Sonny Hoffman's stories ("Sonny Reflections") within the Remembrance Section.

The high resolution map (1884 x 2522 pixels) was scanned from one of Sonny's orginal 1:50,000 maps, and the .gif image is quite large (almost 3 MBytes at max resolution). The JPEG version is about 1.64 MBytes, and of good quality. It will transfer faster but will take longer to decode and display, dependent upon system memory, etc.

The lower resolution version is a sub-sampled version. To view the high resolution images will require an external viewer capable of handling large .gif or .jpg image formats. Loading time can take in excess of 10 minutes.

Tactical Map, Vicinity of Nha Trang, Vietnam (low resolution version)

Tactical Map, Vicinity of Nha Trang, Vietnam (high resolution .gif version--3 MBytes)

Tactical Map, Vicinity of Nha Trang, Vietnam (high resolution JPEG version--1.64 MBytes)

Tactical Map, Vicinity of Nha Trang, Vietnam (high resolution JPEG version)

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Recon Map Room

1968 Vintage Map of Vietnam provided by Richard Rooker

Notable areas in Northern I Corps from George Neville's (USMC) collection.

Ray Smith (1st Platoon, C Company, 1st Bn, 69th Armor) has an excellent Map Site with high resolution maps for almost all of I Corps, II Corps, and III Corps, and much more.

Jim Henthorn's Vietnam Vet Page has maps of the entire of Southeast Asia including THAILAND, LAOS, CAMBODIA, SOUTH VIETNAM, and NORTH VIETNAM.

Rick Shaw has I Corps maps showing various LZs and SFBs on the USMC, 1st Radio Battalion Vietnam Veterans Map Site.

A nice map of Cambodia HERE

Purchase the USGS Vietnam Map series
Here's how to find them on the USGS web site:
Click "Enter USGS Store;"
Click on "Foreign Maps and Books" in the left Product Line margin (in the By Coverage Area Section);
Click on "Vietnam" in the long list of countries on the left;
The entire 1:50,000 scale Vietnam map set will be available to choose from.

Here is a Basic Refresher Course in Map Reading provided by
M-60 Mike Kelley
D/1/502d Inf 101st Div 69-70

Note: The definitive resource for finding FSB and LZ nameS and locations is Mike Kelley's book WHERE WE WERE IN VIETNAM. Information about Mike's book can be found in our PX-Bookshelf . I believe it to be the most comprehensive compilation and essentially "the last word" on where things were and what their names were. Please refer to Mike Kelley's WHERE WE WERE IN VIETNAM.


Other sources for Landing Zones and Fire Support Bases include the Americal Division Home Page and The War Records site

This is a test project and may be integrated into other sections. More maps are being scanned and will show up here in the near future. Let us know what you think with some feedback to John Paul Rossie

If you have certain areas that you would like shown here and/or if you have maps that you would like to scan or submit for scanning (all items are protected and returned), please use the E-mail contact link above and let's talk.