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The Abel Mutiny

By Allen Meece

It's 1964. The US is almost at war with Viet Nam. The USS ABEL enters the Tonkin Gulf... and the horror begins. Mason is a young sailor aboard a powerful destroyer. He's about to be shown that his government is a lethal deceiver. When a man's conscience won't let him sleep, he owes nothing to anyone but himself.

Crew members seek honorable ways to quit the Viet Nam civil war. They find only mutiny. Their flight for life through the forbidden Tonkin Gulf delivers the high point of modern naval fiction.

This mutiny-of-conscience novel is set in the seething days of the mid-sixties, when the US government was fighting Vietnam's civil war both at home and abroad. A young sailor comes of age and learns that following his conscience is the only honorable response to a grave deception -- his government is secretly using him and his ship to illegally escalate the Vietnam conflict to war.

The destroyer USS Abel, and life aboard it, is a vivid backdrop for this tight and tense emotional voyage to China and to war. It is not about a technical mutiny as in "The Caine Mutiny" but about a serious mutiny against governmental deception and over-control of its warriors.

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An Accidental Soldier: Memoirs of a Mestizo Vietnam Veteran

By Manny Garcia

In late 1965, a cocky, naive, alienated teenager, Garcia joined the army almost accidentally,
enlisting for three years. At eighteen he became an Airborne Ranger, a combat infantryman with
the crack First Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division, the Screaming Eagles.
His book shows you the war from the point man position, up close and personal, at eye level.

ISBN: 0826330134

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Achilles In Vietnam

By Dr. Jonathan Shay

This is an in-depth study of War and PTSD from a unique, interdisciplinary perspective. Click on the small book picture to view a larger image of the cover.

Details and Reviews

ISBN: 0-684-81321-1

Known Retail Price: $12.00

Across the Mekong

The True Story of an Air America Helicopter Pilot

By Charles O. Davis

Across the Mekong is a vivid account of the author's two-and-one-half years as a pilot for Air America.

ISBN: 0-9639605-2-0

COST: $28.00 Total each ($25.00 per copy, plus $3.00 S&H)

For an autographed copy, send check or money order to:

Charles Davis
PO Box 19031
Alexandria, VA 22320-0032

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After the Flag Has Been Folded

By Karen Spears Zacharias

Karen Spears was nine years old, living with her family in a trailer in rural Tennessee, when her father, David Spears, was killed in the Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam. It was 1966 -- in a nation being torn apart by a war nobody wanted, in an emotionally charged Southern landscape stained with racism and bigotry -- and suddenly the care and well-being of three small children were solely in the hands of a frightened young widow with no skills and a ninth-grade education. But thanks to a mother's remarkable courage, strength, and stubborn tenacity, a family in the midst of chaos and in severe crisis miraculously pulled together to achieve its own version of the American Dream.

Beginning on the day Karen learns of her father's death and ending thirty years later with her pilgrimage to the battlefield where he died, half a world away from the family's hometown, After the Flag Has Been Folded is a triumphant tale of reconciliation between a daughter and her father, a daughter and her nation -- and a poignant remembrance of a mother's love and heroism.

ISBN: 0060721499

Aftermath: A Song For Tyrone

By Doug Todd

Aftermath: A Song For Tyrone is a book that will take you inside the heart and the soul of the rifleman serving with the Infantry in Vietnam. It will take you there - and bring you back. In the words of one combat veteran who read it, "I can feel, taste and smell again the scenes he re-creates..." It is Vietnam as you have never experienced it unless you fought there. But, it also brings you back. In the words of another veteran, "It takes me back but don't trash me out!" and that may be because it takes the reader into the experience of heavy combat as seen from the inside and then inside the experience of the aging veteran dealing, as well as possible, with the memories that will never "Go away."

This is the Vietnam War as seen over the sights of a rifle. It is also the same war as seen by the aging grandfather who bears little resemblance to the young marine caught up in the carnage and fighting for survival at center stage of the most heart-wrenching war our country ever fought. This is that little band of brothers who did not set policy or debate International Priorities but simply took up their rifles and looked Death in the face for something they believed in - and found themselves fighting as much for each other as for anything. If you were there, this is your story. If you care for someone who was there this is what he could tell you but probably won't because he "Don't want to talk about it!" This is Vietnam - and it is the Aftermath.

ISBN: 0-9748463-0-9

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AGENT ORANGE: Collateral Damage In Vietnam

By Philip Jones Griffiths

Philip Jones Griffiths, for a record five years the President of Magnum Photos, created in Vietnam, Inc. a record of the war there of almost Biblical proportions. No one who has seen it will forget its haunting images. In Agent Orange he has added a postscript that is equally unforgettable.

In 1960 the United States war machine concluded that an efficient deterrent to the Viet Cong would be the devastation of the crops and forestry that afforded them both succour and cover for their operations. Initial descriptions of the scheme included "Food Denial Program", later adapted to "depriving cover for enemy troops". They gave the idea the name "Operation Hades", but were advised that "Operation Ranch Hand" was a more suitable cognomen for PR purposes.

The US had developed a herbicide for the task. It became known as Agent Orange after the colour of the canisters used to distribute it. The planes that carried the canisters had 'only we can prevent forests!' as a logo on their fuselages. They were right. It was very effective. Unfortunately some herbicide also contained Dioxin, probably one of the world's deadliest poisons. In Agent Orange Philip Jones Griffiths has photographed the children and grandchildren of the farmers whose faces were lifted to the gentle rain of the contaminated herbicide.

ISBN 1-904563-05-8

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Aid And Comfort: Jane Fonda In North Vietnam

By Henry Mark Holzer and Erika Holzer

During the Vietnam War, Jane Fonda journeyed to Hanoi. She met with senior Communist civilian and military officials, held press conferences, toured sites of alleged bombing, "interviewed" American prisoners of war and, most important, made a series of propaganda broadcasts (tapes of which were incessantly played to our POWs).

By examining Fonda's childhood motivations, her radicalization, her POW "audience," her activities in North Vietnam, and through a detailed analysis of the American law of treason, "Aid and Comfort" makes the case that more than sufficient evidence existed to indict and convict Jane Fonda for the crime of treason.

In addition, the book reveals the shocking story of how, and why, the House Committee on Internal Security and the Nixon Department of Justice swept Fonda's conduct under the bureaucratic rug so that she would never be indicted. The appendix to "Aid and Comfort": Jane Fonda in North Vietnam contains the text of Fonda's broadcasts from North Vietnam.

Additional information at http://www.hanoijane.net/

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Air Force One

by Bob Dorr

AIR FORCE ONE is a history of presidential air travel. It tells the story of the airmen and aircraft that carry the President.

This includes the travels to Vietnam by Lyndon B. Johnson, and to the region by Kissinger, Nixon, and others during the 1960s/1970s.

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A video in VHS format

The Vietnam War left not only bomb craters, forests destroyed by napalm, and vast numbers of casualties. The war also left about 100,000 fatherless children-Amerasians, who, because of their appearance, became outcasts from society. In 1988, after Congress passed the Amerasian Homecoming Act, Vietnamese youngsters who could prove they had been fathered by an American were issued with a ticket to fly to the U.S., and granted six months' upkeep here. Overnight, society's lowest ranks became "golden children" able to take a whole family to the U.S. But proving one's paternity wasn't a simple matter. For many, all that was left were physical traits suggesting American parentage and, with luck, an old photo of a father in uniform.

To date, 38,000 offspring have moved to the U.S., and this video introduces us to a number of Amerasians, some who have moved, and others who are about to leave Vietnam. The reality that confronts them in the U.S. can be a challenge. Even if their look is no longer a problem in the melting pot of American society, the culture shock is considerable-language, food, culture-so much is strange to them, and they feel themselves to be neither Vietnamese nor American. For the first time in their lives, they learn to be proud of themselves as Amerasians.

Directed by Erik Gandini
Color, 52 mins., VHS

Phone (212) 685-6242 OR Toll-Free 1 (800) 723-5522


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America's White Table

By Margot Theis Raven

Originating during the Vietnam War, the White Table is a symbol for, and remembrance of, service members fallen, held prisoner of war, or missing in action. Solitary and solemn, it is the table where no one will ever sit. This powerful story is told through the eyes of a young girl as she and her family set the table as a special gift to her uncle, a former POW. As the significance of each object on the table is explained, she comes to understand and appreciate the depth of sacrifice that her uncle, and each member of America's armed services, may be called to give. In a tale that will resonate with many families today, America's White Table brings to life this important ceremony.

ISBN: 1585362166

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America Won the Vietnam War

By Robert R. Owens, Ph.D.

This examination of the Vietnam War is not a detailed account of the battlefield struggle. Instead, it looks at the goals and objectives as stated in the rhetoric of America's leadership. The criteria used for judgement are the public records of the achievements or failures of those goals and objectives. This work is not only necessary for historical accuracy, but it is also imperative in the cause of justice for the brave men and women who fought and won the war.

To you, the unappreciated veterans of Vietnam, I say: "You may not have received a parade when you came home. The media may continue to malign your name. However, beginning here, it is my hope that you will see the record of your courageous achievements corrected and the history of your selfless service acknowledged. In this book I reveal the best-kept secret of the twentieth century: 'America Won the Vietnam War!' or 'How the Left Snatched Defeat from the Jaws of Victory.'"

ISBN: 1-594672-95-4

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An American Veteran

By C. M. Hayden

Chris Hayden is the Vietnam Veteran who ran across America in 1984 to help bring about awareness of the problems that face many Vietnam Veterans. The run began in San Bernadino, California and ended at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. It was titled, Chris Hayden's Run For Life/A Marathon For Veterans.

Also available with the book is a CD of songs entitled "A Veteran's Prayer" which was written shortly after his return from Vietnam expressing his feelings of despair at that time in his life. The story of the Veteran's Prayer is in his book An American Veteran.

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Amigos, Musketeers and Steve McQueen

By Alan R. Miller

This book chronicles some adventures (or misadventures) of Alan Miller and his boyhood best friend Steve McQueen (they call themselves the Musketeers) while growing up in a small, rural Wisconsin town, before going off to join the Marines. He tells stories about the rigors of Marine Corps boot camp and fleet Marine Corps infantry training; but more important the close relationships with fellow Marines. Particularly, stories about a close knit group who call themselves the Amigos. Interwoven are stories about his continual crossing of paths with his boyhood pal Steve McQueen at home, in the Orient, and in California. He tells heart breaking narratives of the men he met while in hospitals in Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan and Okinawa.

Alan Miller describes the day to day accounts of a Marine rifleman in Vietnam. How he dealt with the stress of one day walking patrol in a hostile war zone, and three days later walking the streets of his hometown. He describes living with the nightmares of war and death, while adjusting to his life back home. How, during a 30 day raucous, homecoming party, he meets the love of his life, and asks her to be his wife.

ISBN 1-55395-508-0

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Angels in Vietnam: Women Who Served

By Jan Hornung


Jan's book is a collection of stories, poems, and pictures by and about the women who served in Vietnam during the war. For over a decade, from the early 1960s, over 11,000 women from America, New Zealand, and Australia went to Vietnam as nurses, American Red Cross workers, physical therapists, entertainers, librarians, and more. Cry, laugh, and share a year in Vietnam with the ANGELS IN VIETNAM.

ISBN: 0595240909

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Angel's Wing: A Year in the Skies of Vietnam

By Joseph R. Finch

ISBN: 0910155453

Joe Finch's account of the year he spent as a helicopter pilot with the 25th Aviation Battalion during the Vietnam War. His story is raw and authentic, deeply personal and unflinching in its honesty.

He began his year as a naive young pilot, but soon learned that of all the difficult tasks before him, the most important mission was saving lives. It is in this task that Joe Finch exhibited the compassion and courage that make Americans proud of his service to our nation.


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Another Kind Of War Story:

Army Nurses Look Back To Vietnam

By Barbara Deardorff, Diane DuPont, Linda Goodheart, Rhonda Prescott, and Ann Thompson

ISBN: 0-963-67740-3

Known Price: $15.00 (paperbound)

Profits from this book will be donated to the Vietnam Women's Memorial Project.

Order From:

1324 Oak Street
Lebanon, PA 17042

At the Water's Edge: American Politics and the Vietnam War

Melvin Small

More than most wars in American history, the long and contentious Vietnam War had a profound effect on the home front, during the war and especially after. In At the Water's Edge, Melvin Small delivers the first study of the war's domestic politics. Most of the military and diplomatic decisions made by Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon, Mr. Small shows, were heavily influenced by election cycles, relations with Congress, the state of the economy, and the polls.

Although all three presidents and their advisers claimed that these decisions were taken exclusively for national security concerns, much evidence suggests otherwise. In turn, the war had a transforming impact on American society. Popular perceptions of the "war at home" produced a dramatic and longstanding realignment in political allegiances, an assault on the media that still colors political debate today, and an economic crisis that weakened the nation for a decade after the last U.S. troops left Vietnam. Domestic conflict over the war led to the abolition of the draft, the curtailment of the intelligence agencies' unconstitutional practices, formal congressional restraints upon the imperial presidency, and epochal Supreme Court rulings that preserved First Amendment rights.

The war ultimately destroyed the presidency of Lyndon Johnson and indirectly forced the resignation of Richard Nixon. Those presidents who followed through the remainder of the twentieth century constructed their foreign policies mindful that they would not survive politically if they were to lead the nation into another protracted limited war in the Third World.

ISBN: 1-56663-593-4

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A Voice of Hope

By Thomas Flynn

Read this excellent Review.

Mail Order and Payment To:

Voice Book Productions
P.O. Box 1575
New Port Richey, FL 34656-1575

Price: $6.99. Copyright © 1994. 184 pp.

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A Bad Attitude: A novel from the Vietnam War

Dennis Mansker

Meet Farnsworth — reluctant soldier and world-class slacker... but is he also a cold-blooded murderer? And if he didn't kill the sadistic Sergeant Bragg, who did? See the other side of the Vietnam war: Draftees versus lifers, the Saigon black market, deteriorating race relations, and the deadly 1968 race riot at Long Binh Jail.

ISBN: 0595236596

The Bamboo Bridge

By Dennis Hodo

Juan Rivera, Artist

This Book Is Dedicated To:

Silvestre Rivera
Leroy Wallace
Thomas Petela

They died young and so far away.

All profits from this book go to charities to benefit Vietnam Veterans and their families.

Price per copy: $10.00 (US)

Payable and Mail To:

Gray Company Publishing
12324 E. 86th St. N., #256
Owasso, OK 74055-2543

E-mail contact: Dennis L. Hodo

Battle Notes

By Lee Andresen

Battle Notes is likely the only full length book devoted to the music of the Vietnam War and how effectively that the songs tell the story of that conflict.

Battle Notes provides unique insight into the music of Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, the Animals and many others and what their songs had to say about the war. In addition, the musical views of Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and even Pat Boone are included. Also included is the music of Vietnam veterans like Sarge Lintecum and Tim Murphy. Over 180 songs are included in this book. Battle Notes includes chapters on Music of Combat, Protest, Patriotism, and the Aftermath of the war.

Outstanding photos and illustrations. Interviews with Bill Belmont, road manager for Country Joe and the Fish, Mark Berger, film editor for Apocalypse Now. Vietnam Veterans and students also give their reactions to how the music tells the story of this era.

Not only does Andresen cover the big hits, he gets down and dirty with the straight scoop on some of the obsure, but meaningful tunes of the 60's and 70's.

Contact the author through his web page at www.BattleNotes.com or by email directly at battlenotes@aol.com.

Order on-line or mail a check to

Lee Andresen,
320 E. 7th Street,
Superior, WI 54880

$14.95 plus $3.00 shipping/handling.

Before The Memories Fade: An Anthology Of Humorous, Bizarre And Poignant Stories From The Vietnam Era

By Lt. Col. Robert W. Michel, US Army, Retired

No anthology of the Viet Nam War has ever been written with such emphasis on telling the poignant and revealing personal stories of average soldiers. War makes for strange, sometimes even humorous tales, and while some are quite spiritual in their effect, they still contain realistic and historic accuracy. Lt. Col. Robert W. Michel, U.S. Army Retired, compiled this cast of enlisted men and officers whose experiences span a range from a puppy dog to a former POW and those of a State Senator from Massachusetts. He spent countless hours pouring over these and dozens of other stories until he found what he believed to be an accurate representation of what many soldiers experienced during the Viet Nam War.

ISBN: 1418499447

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Beller's Fellars

VIETNAM 1966-1967

By Vern Greunke

Vern enlisted in a "non-combatant" agency and found himself "out in the sticks" living at small outposts with Military Advisory Teams in the middle of the war. "Beller's Fellars" is a compilation of the letters written to his folks from Vietnam while serving on a Short Range Radio Direction Finding team with a Radio Research Unit (Army Security Agency).

Readers of this book who have written to the author have expressed praise for his efforts, as they can identify with the thoughts he puts down on paper. Included also are a few short stories of Vern's experiences, along with biographies of the members of his team, "then and now."

Also included is an account of their first mini-reunion after 30 years.

This book is self-published and printed with a color cover and includes 12 picture pages.


Vern is now including a CD-ROM of over 500 pictures from Vietnam. The combined price is $15.00 for Book *and* CD ROM.


Price per book: $8.00

Payable and Mail To:

Vern Greunke
P.O. Box 124
Cedar Bluffs, NE 68015-0124

E-mail contact: Vern Greunke

Ben Hai 211 Alpha

by George Ragsdale

This is a story about one soldier's quest to become the best radar repairman in the United States Army that leads him into the heart of the Vietnam War along the demilitarization zone (DMZ) as a counterbattery radar technician during 1970.

Being eventually assigned to most of the fire support bases (FSBs) along the DMZ, George Ragsdale's experiences provide a detailed account of radar counterbattery operations and failures from the trenches. This is a unique story of the artillery duels fought by American and South Vietnamese forces against elements of the North Vietnamese 304th Division.

ISBN 0-9745393-8-4

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Blades of Thunder

by W. Larry Dandridge

Larry tells the story as can only be told by someone who has experienced combat firsthand with not much more than sheet metal and Plexiglas separating them from enemy fire. For those who were there, his story resurrects memories long ago put away back in the deep recesses of your mind. Once again you can hear the clicking of igniters as you pull the trigger to start your engine, feel the vibrations of the rotor as it gains operational speed, experience the comfort of making it through translational lift into forward flight with a grossly overweight aircraft, and smell the distinvtive aroma of gunpowder as you take the fight to the enemy. Yes, he also brings back those feelings of anxiety and fear as you drive your aircraft into the fight; the pain and deep sorrow of losing a friend; the remembrances of fear, sweat, stench, blood, fatigue and chaos; and, the joy of surviving to live and fight another day.

ISBN: 9780578156378

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Blood Songs: Lyrics of a Police Action

by Dennis P. Knick

In a battle, seconds seem like hours. Actions and reactions occur a thousand times a minute. Every move a soldier makes may be his last, if he isn't thinking. Every time he aims his weapon at the enemy, he may be violating an entire value system established in his personality very early in life. Every time a soldier kills, his moral fiber is changed. The quote "It was either him or you," is constantly thrown at the soldier as some sort of consolation or rationalization for the taking of another human being's life.

The poems offered in this book don't try to find answers, nor do they ask any of those questions we, as a society, are never able to answer. The poems in this book are offered as one person's observation/opinion of a war, expressed in song form.

# ISBN: 0595284337

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Born in the '40s, Raised in the '50s, Died in the '60s

By George Brondsema

This book presents deep and honest feelings about a time in our nation's history that still holds conflict for those that lived through them. Broadsema shares with us the innocence of growing up in the fifties and the shattering of the innocence in Vietnam and after, when he returned home. He describes clearly the damage done to returning veterans by cultural rejection which deepened his and other veterans' feelings of alienation. He offers a rare degree of insight into the experience of a combat veteran both in the war zone and in the ensuing lifetime of reliving those events and feelings.

This is a riveting story that provides a good look into the soul of a PTSD Vietnam veteran. You can feel the emotional pain as he re-lives the events that brought about his spiritual and physical wounds. You will find some very raw honesty and emotional pain near the end of the book where he inserts his poetry. He gives a voice to his pain and spiritual wounds.

During Brondsema’s second tour as a Marine grunt near Khe Sanh, his unit was hit hard. Most all of the men were wounded or killed. That event in 1968 has stayed with George all these years and today he is still trying to deal with those issues. What happened and how he handled all the terror and reality of war is what makes this book a good and insightful read. Other veterans may be able to identify with the author and perhaps, be able to recognize their own behaviors - so they can begin their own healing process.

ISBN: 1424102146

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Brave Men, Gentle Heroes

By Michael Takiff

Brave Men, Gentle Heroes is the first book of its kind: oral histories of World War II veterans and their sons who are Vietnam veterans. These men served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Officers and enlisted men, career servicemen and citizen soldiers. Men of European, African, Asian, Latino, and Native American ancestry. Men who speak in the authentic voices of an Indiana farmer, a Brooklyn bus driver, a Louisiana small businessman, a Seattle machinist.

The contrasts between World War II and Vietnam are well known to Americans, and they are everywhere in these compelling accounts. But the stories in Brave Men, Gentle Heroes are also rich with elements intrinsic to all wars and all soldiers: courage, honor, service, duty, youth, adventure, fear, idealism, love of country and of family, exasperation with military bureaucracy.

The men whose eloquent voices appear in Brave Men, Gentle Heroes offer remarkable insights into the way men live through war. But Brave Men, Gentle Heroes is also about how men live with war - how they remember war, and carry it with them, in the years and decades that follow.

ISBN: 006621081X

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Bringing The War Home!

By Barry Willdorf

BRINGING THE WAR HOME! is the story of a student activist couple testing their relationship and their beliefs as they attempt to organize antiwar Marines in Southern California during the Vietnam War.

Set at Camp Pendleton in Southern California and the Columbia University campus in New York, the couple struggles poignantly, often comically, through a maelstrom of the gender, racial, drug, and political debates of the era. A fictional insight into the turbulent times of the late 60s and early 70s, the novel is a precursor of the interpersonal and group conflicts of today.

ISBN: 097130260X

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By Samuel C. Crawford

Two teenage boys are heading to Vietnam in this sometimes-humorous account of their ordeal traveling throughout South Vietnam in their challenge to locate their unit. Charles, fresh out of boot camp and having no idea what to do or how to get around, teamed up with Petty Officer Dan who was returning for his third tour and having all the right answers and shortcuts required to survive in 1969 Vietnam.

For Vietnam veterans, this story will bring back precious memories that will make them say, "Yeah, I remember doing stuff like that. That part of the war was fun." And those who never served in the military will find this an enjoyable eye-opener to military life from the eyes of an 18-year-old city boy from Baltimore.

ISBN: 1401054633

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A Joni Bour Book Review

BrownWater II

By Samuel C. Crawford

This comical adventure begins for Charles Edwards after reporting to Vietnam as a member of the Brown Water Navy stationed in the Mekong Delta assigned to the Mobile Riverine Task Force 117. With a little help from his friend, Petty Officer Dan, Charles quickly matures from his humble beginnings as an 18-year-old city boy from Baltimore.

For Vietnam veterans, this story will bring back precious memories that will make them say, “Yeah, I remember doing stuff like that. That part of the war was fun.” For those who never served in the military will find this an enjoyable eye-opener to military life.

ISBN: 1401063586

XLIBRIS web site

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Bugs in Armor

By Robert Bwire

From military expeditions in antiquity to peacekeeping missions in the twentieth century, malaria has been the single most important medical problem confronting non-immune troops in malaria ridden regions. Its devastating effects were clearly visible during both world wars. During the Macedonian campaign in World War I, an exasperated French general could not counterattack as he desperately reported, "Regret that my army is in hospital with malaria." Malaria also popped up in Korea, Vietnam and during Operation Restore Hope in Somalia. Often malaria causes more casualties than enemy action. A 1772 Dutch force sent to quell rioting slaves in Surinam lost three-quarters of its troops to malaria, and only a handful to the rebels.

Bugs in Armor takes the reader on a historical journey of military expeditions and their encounters with a relentless bug-the malaria parasite. It is also a story of how this confrontation fuelled research that gave the world a better understanding of the nature of malaria, its treatment and prevention.

About the Author:
Robert Bwire was born in Uganda where he trained as a physician. He worked for the Infectious Diseases Control Unit of the Royal Netherlands Army and still does some consultation work for the unit. At present, Dr. Bwire is an epidemiologist with the Royal Netherlands Tuberculosis Association. He is also the author of numerous scientific articles.

ISBN 1-58348-754-9
Price: $14.95

Email contact for Robert Bwire

Bury Me With Soldiers

By C.W. Standiford

One Grunt's Honest Story about Vietnam

The late 60's in America was tumulus and uncertain. A young Oregon ranch kid must decide whether to flee or fight. The young man understands he will not flee.

During the fifty days of living like a wild dog in a dirt den the young Marine witnesses the decimation of his grunt company. From his first patrol where his new found fellow Oregonian dies in front of him, to the wayward 500- pound bomb that kills and maims several of his company, the young marine sees that the death around him is like a slow flesh-eating virus.

Ignoring the old military axiom never volunteer the marine volunteers for a new recon company being formed. He and the other volunteers play cat and mouse in the dark and unholy jungles of Vietnam. The casualties still mount, but for the first time the enemy is now seen by the transformed warrior and he is able to fight back.

Unlike PLATOON this account shows the honor, the devotion to duty and even a few laughs. These are not Americans who fought one another, but Americans who fought for America and men this Marine would like to be buried with.

I have fought in only one war. In it, I witnessed the bravery of young soldiers, their unwavering stamina, their will to live, and their willingness to die. I lived with these men in conditions worse than anything I could ever have imagined in a protracted war that saw our country flounder pitifully and ultimately fail.

With that failure, we, along with our nation, changed forever. Innocent, teenage soldiers-rock'n'rollers, rednecks, reluctant recruits-we went to fight an honorable fight to stem the tide of communism. But as the war dragged on, our music died, and the honor of this nation suffered a near fatal blow. Gone forever was our youth and innocence. For those of us who went and survived, the Vietnam War will go with us to our graves. And it will go as a task not completed.

ISBN: 1403395241

Available in paperback, hardback, electronic and audio formats.

Orders also taken at 1-888-280-7715

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The Cat From Hue

By John Laurence

John Laurence, covered the Vietnam War for CBS News from 1965 to 1970, and helped to create the award-winning documentary The World of Charlie Company, was judged by his colleagues to be the best television reporter of the war. Despite the professional acclaim, the traumatic stories Laurence covered became a personal burden that he brought home and carried long after the war was over. He struggled with memories of what he had witnessed: the illegal bombings, the torture and murder; the corruption within the ranks; the desperation. Above all, his conscience haunted him about a close encounter with a North Vietnamese soldier in which he had to make a decision of life and death.

The result is THE CAT FROM HUE: A Vietnam War Story, a passionately felt, vividly described memoir, laced with humor, anger, love, and the unforgettable story of a very idiosyncratic feline named Meo who was determined to play his part in the Vietnam revolution. In reconstructing his experiences, Laurence relied not only on his notes and memory and formidable literary skill, but also on hundreds of hours of film footage shot at the time giving the book an uncanny vividness, power, and fidelity to facts.

ISBN 1891620312
Published in January of 2002 by PublicAffairs
Page count: 864
Retail price: $30.00.

A Certain Brotherhood

By Colonel Jimmie H. Butler, USAF (Ret.)

Jimmie H. Butler, Colonel, USAF, Retired, flew 240 missions as a Nail FAC in O-1s and O-2s in the Vietnam War. His combat decorations include the Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Air Medal with sixteen, oak-leaf clusters.

Since retiring from active duty, he has published two highly successful technothrillers. His first novel, "The Iskra Incident," earned the 1991 "Award of Excellence for Aviation Fiction" from the Aviation/Space Writers Association. "Red Lightning-Black Thunder," a thriller involving space warfare, was crafted from his experience as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force Space Division and as a pilot on worldwide missions in C-141 jet transports.

While at the Air War College, he wrote a book-length report, "Crickets on a Steel Tiger: The Interdiction of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, 1966-1968." It earned the Air Force Historical Foundation's 1980 Award for the best aerospace report of major historical interest.

A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy Class of 1963, he resides in Colorado Springs where he established the Pikes Peak Writers Conference in 1993.

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Chapter One: The Story of Vic Charles

By Bob Staranowicz

Vic Charles has returned from his tour but his sub-conscious has been left behind in Vietnam. He is a successful writer and is prepared to begin his second work. For reasons unbeknownst to him, he is stuck in "Chapter One" The flashbacks, the twitching and nightly sweats have once again reared their ugly head.

Vic tries not to let these re-occurrences bother him but they take their toll on what could be a very successful writing career. He does his best to keep the latest "terrors" from his wife, Molly and his two sons, Spence and Mark. All is well until he feels the need to travel to the "Wall", This could well be his last trip anywhere as he discovers that he has brought something back from the war with him which has been inside of him for more than 20 years. As his life may be slowly slipping away, he discovers the foreign substance that he has been harboring for these many years. As Vic lay in his hospital bed, only he knows whether he will survive or not...... Author Bob Staranowicz, born in Philadelphia, served with the 101st Airborne in Vietnam.

ISBN: 1594531501 Web Site

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By Robert Mason

Chickenhawk became a New York Times best-seller in 1984, and remained on the list for 17 weeks. It is currently in its 23rd printing.

Chickenhawk recounts the Vietnam War from the perspective of a helicopter pilot who experienced many combat missions.

A recent edition includes illustrations and the real names of individuals and units.

Visit Robert Mason's web site for additional information

CMAC: A Vietnam Era Trilogy

By James Finnegan

C.M.A.C., A Vietnam Era Trilogy, contains three sagas that describe the late 1960s, Vietnam era, U.S. Army life of James A. Callaghan.

Saga of a Student Warrior--The first story follows the military training of Callaghan who, during his draft induction, was christened "Hallaghan" due to a bureaucratic error. It describes how he dealt with his new and strange environment, and his first assignment as a post radio officer.

Saga of a Saigon Warrior--The Capital Military Assistance Command (C.M.A.C.), Saigon, and the surrounding districts were Callaghan's home in Vietnam during 1969. He met his match when he tangled with General Gottard, the personification of the cartoon character 'Yosemite Sam,' until a year later when Callaghan suffered an untimely accident while clearing post.

Saga of a Garrison Warrior--Returned from near death by a C.M.A.C. medic, Callaghan was quickly moved to Third Field Force hospital near Tan Son Nhut air base, where, after a lengthy operation, he was transferred to Guam to convalesce and regain his real name. Healed, the recently promoted Captain Callaghan then commanded a signal company, where the trials and tribulations of a garrison environment tested his perseverance.

ISBN: 059528129X

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Con Thien: The Hill of Angels

By James P. Coan

Throughout much of 1967, a remote United States Marine firebase only two miles from the demilitarized zone captured the attention of the world's media. That artillery-scarred outpost was the linchpin of the so-called McNamara Line, intended to deter incursions into South Vietnam by the North Vietnamese Army. As such, the fighting along this territory was particularly intense and bloody, and the body count rose daily.

In Con Thien, James P. Coan combines his personal experiences with information taken from archives, interviews with battle participants, and official documents to construct a powerful story of the daily life and combat on the red clay bull's-eye known as "The Hill of Angels."As a tank platoon leader in Alpha Company, 3d Tank Battalion, 3d marine Division, Coan was stationed at Con Thien for eight months during his 1967-68 service in Vietnam and witnessed much of the region's notorious carnage.

Con Thien was heavily bombarded with impunity by enemy artillery because it was located in politically sensitive territory and the U.S. government would not permit direct armed response from Marine tanks. Coan, like many other soldiers, began to feel as though the government was as much the enemy as the NVA, yet he continued to fight for his country with all that he had. In his riveting memoir, Coan depicts the hardships of life in the DMZ and the ineffectiveness of much of the U.S. military effort in Vietnam.

ISBN: 0817314148

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Conduct to the Prejudice of Good Order

By Dan Dane

The story of a drafted, civilian attorney serving as an Army lawyer in Vietnam gives this book a unique perspective. Captain Blake's experiences accentuate many of the troublesome aspects of the war, including the draft, authority of commanding Generals, domestic demand for troop withdrawal, and in the end, the manufacture and delivery of heroin to the American troops.

Conduct to the Prejudice of Good Order offers a glimpse of conditions in the First Cavalry Division around Bien Hoa during the last years of the Vietnam war. In 1971, Bill Blake encounters fragging, racism, and heroin addiction while defending soldiers in court-martial trials as a young Army JAG lawyer. Much like the soldiers he defends, Blake finds himself in conflict with his superior officers.

Additional information is available at Dan Dane's Web Site

Confession to a Deaf God

Memoir of a Mekong River Rat

By Gary R. Blinn

War is a religious experience. Mystic. Demonically insane. It pushes humans to the ragged edge of self-knowledge. Mixing philosophy, literature, psychology, and memoir, this book carries us on an odyssey – an odyssey that explores why young men volunteer for combat, how they live, and how they survive. It is raw in its portrayal of cowardice, of bravery, of haunting irreversible mistakes, of guilt, and of love. Confession to a Deaf God is a thought-provoking exploration of the incomprehensible cosmic game of Mars, ancient god of war.

ISBN: 1-4010-7463-4
Also available as an e-book

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A Corpsman's Legacy:
How He Continues To Heal Others Through The Daughter He Never Knew

By Stephanie Hanson

Adopted at birth, Stephanie Hanson begins a search for her biological parents and learns her father, Gary Norman Young, was killed in the Vietnam War before she was born. To unravel the mystery of his death, she hears first-hand from other veterans of her father’s world of courage and bravery as a helicopter crewmember in 1969. She learns of the remarkable relationship that exists between Marines and their Navy Corpsmen, and realizes she has now inherited the honor and respect given to her father. After years of perseverance, Stephanie finally obtains the medals and honors her father earned for his sacrifice and service, through the help of veterans, the Marine Corps Commandant and a United States Senator. During her journey, she locates the family members of the men who died with her father and helps other veterans and children connect with each other. Embraced by thousands of veterans, she discovers the greatest gift her father left her is the legacy of healing.

ISBN: 0977143139

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Corpsman Up

By Paul M. Baviello

"It's not just my book...it belongs to everyone who was there."
--Paul "Buzz" Baviello

Paul proudly served in Nam as a "squid" (his word) with a Marine unit...Delta Co, 1st Bn, 5th Marines, 1969-70. Paul had to rise when others hit the deck and the yell, "Corpsman up," was heard above the roar of combat. He carried a Unit 1 corpsman's bag and an M16. He knew how to use both.

Web Site

Paul can be reached at: FMFCorpsmn@aol.com

A Joni Bour Book Review

Guinea Pigs of Vietnam

By Jean Williams

The facts and the documentation of untruths, disinformation, and the lingering results, written by the mother of a Vietnam Veteran and vociferous peace activist.

ISBN: 0 949525 24 3

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