Updated 27 July 99

Pictures from the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion collection. Provided by various members of the Battalion unless otherwise noted.

This gallery contains photos of general interest to the entire Battalion. Each of the companies have (will have) individual photo galleries. You can access them through the company sections or by using the links at the end of this gallery. Unidentified photos will be placed in this main gallery and may be in the specific unit page for identification.

If you have pictures you would like to place in this gallery or if you can supply additional information on any of the photos shown here, please contact George Neville using this automatic email form. If you are scanning these yourself, please scan at full color with a resolution of 150 dpi (horizontally and vertically) or better. Please include as full a description of the photos as you can.  Others who view them may be able to add names, locations, dates, etc.

Commanding Officers, 1965.  Picture of the Commanding Officers of the 3rd Recon Battalion in 1965 outside of Da Nang at future site of Camp Reasoner. Sadly, the picture also shows 1st Lt. Frank Reasoner (far right, back row) who would soon be killed in action and earn a Medal of Honor. The Battalion headquarters site, shown in the background, would be named in his honor.

Las Vegas Reunion, September 1998

The following pictures were sent in by Ron "Doc" Cassidy. They were mostly from the recon area at Dong Ha. They will be put in the company galleries after a while. Help ID these folks if you can
Photos provided by George Neville of Recon at Danang

Hill 327  - Photo taken shortley after Marines Landed in March 1965.Camp Reasoner and 3rd Marine Division.  Headquarters would soon be built on the hillside on the right side of the photo. The road separated Division Hdqts and Camp Reasoner. The 3rd Mar Div Hdqtrs would be at the top side of road at top of hill. Recon Hdqtrs would be on bottom side at top of hill.

Camp Reasoner Aug/Sept 1966 Another scan of this picture with better detail

LZ Finch at Camp Reasoner Apr 66. This was before the need to remove the white targets on the choppers. Here is another version that George scanned at a lower resolution

Camp Reasoner Chow Hall


Rock Pile with Razorback Ridge behind it. Photo courtesy of David Althoff HMM 265

Khe Sanh during the seige.  There are at least 5 artillery rounds impacting the base at time the photo was taken. The rounds were fired from the Co Roc. Photo courtesy of David Althoff HMM 265

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